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512 map tiles

Since the launch of tiled web maps in 2005, there has been an implicit standard...

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Converting a project from Mapbox.js to Mapbox GL JS

For developers who have experience building web maps with Mapbox.js or Leaflet, switching old projects...

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Maps for IBM Cloudant

IBM Cloudant is launching new maps! Run any query or spatial operation on your Cloudant...

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MapTab: A Chrome extension for viewing beautiful maps

I open new browser tabs every few minutes and didn’t want to look at a...

May 12 2015

Let's talk maps at FOSS4G Bangalore

The Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP) at the Indian Institute of...

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Add a third dimension to Mapbox.js with CSS

Our recent Capital Bikeshare post received a lot of Twitter love, particularly for the 3D...

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Maps primed for real estate

Every real estate site needs a map, but most property maps show cluttered pins on...

December 04 2014
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Emoji map markers

It’s my first week at Mapbox. As I’ve been exploring Mapbox.js and trying to learn...

September 29 2014
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Interactive heatmaps with Mapbox.js

Just a couple of weeks ago, we’ve carefully picked and hosted the best plugins to...

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Mapbox.js v1.6.1: Fixes, documentation, and a new site

Today we’re releasing Mapbox.js v1.6.1, which includes bug fixes, documentation improvements, and a system that...

January 22 2014
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Extend your maps with Mapbox.js plugins

Mapbox.js can be much more powerful with the help of plugins: everything from clustering markers...

January 22 2014
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Mapbox.js v1.6.0: vectors and integrated Leaflet documentation

Mapbox.js is moving forward to fit our powerful new drawing tools on Mapbox: today’s version...

January 09 2014
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Swipe to compare tiles in Mapbox.js

Swiping between two layers is one of the most convenient ways to compare map imagery,...

December 24 2013

MapBox.js v1.5.0

MapBox.js keeps getting better: version 1.5.0 updates Leaflet to 0.7, bumping up performance and fixing...

November 21 2013

MapBox v1.4.2: style and sharing

Say hello to MapBox.js v1.4.2, with refreshed and refined UI controls and sharing options. Our...

November 13 2013
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Switching JavaScript mapping libraries

Next week Google Maps JavaScript API v2 will be deprecated, and apps will need to...

November 12 2013

Announcing MapBox.js v1.4.0

Today we’re releasing MapBox.js v1.4.0, with new features, bug fixes, an updated version of Leaflet,...

October 23 2013

Announcing MapBox.js v1.1.0 & Leaflet 0.6.1

Today we’re announcing the release of MapBox.js v1.1.0, which integrates with today’s release of Leaflet...

June 27 2013
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Using Leaflet plugins with MapBox.js: A Showcase

One of the reasons we built MapBox.js v1 on top of Leaflet was its robust...

June 20 2013
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Live Weather Data and MapBox.js

With Leaflet integration brought by the v1 release of MapBox.js, it’s easy to add live...

May 02 2013
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Neighborhood Mapping with Dynamic Vector Data Layers

With last week’s release of MapBox.js 1.0, adding vector data to your MapBox map is...

April 26 2013

Announcing MapBox.js 1.0 with Leaflet

MapBox.js is now version 1.0 and we are joining forces with Leaflet, one of the...

April 18 2013
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Points of Interest Layering Techniques for MapBox

Layering multiple datasets on top of a map can add noise, but if you extract...

March 22 2013
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Using MapBox With WMS Servers

We’ve just published an example of using MapBox with WMS layers - the latest in...

September 10 2012
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Introducing the MapBox JavaScript API

MapBox now has a JavaScript API that makes building web maps faster, simpler, and more...

July 25 2012