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Support for Arabic and Portuguese in Mapbox Streets

Mapbox Streets now supports Arabic and Portuguese, making our maps more accessible to 300 million...


Showcase your business on GoDaddy with custom location tools

GoDaddy has launched GoCentral to help businesses everywhere build better websites. We’re thrilled to help...

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Building heights in Mapbox Streets

We’ve pushed an update to Mapbox Streets v7 vector tiles to add heights and subparts...

October 05 2016

Track 'em all with PokeRadar!

Missing a Vaporeon? Did that Dragonite disappear before you unleashed your Pokéball? Trying to catch...

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Creating custom POI layers in Studio

In Mapbox Studio you can replace the default source layer of POI data provided by...

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Mapbox Satellite Streets redesigned for mobile

Redesigned to complement our constantly improving Satellite and Streets data, we optimized Mapbox Satellite Streets...

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Designing Mapbox Streets and Outdoors for mobile

We recently updated Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Outdoors, our two general use maps. While they’re...

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Mapbox Satellite Streets redesigned

Last week’s launch of our redesigned maps included a fresh revamp of Mapbox Satellite Streets....

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Mapbox Streets redesign

This week we launched a redesign of all our maps across all our Mapbox GL...

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Mapbox Streets and Terrain now follow Vector Tile Specification version 2

We upgraded billions of our tiles in Mapbox Streets and Terrain* to follow the updated...

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Introducing Mapbox Streets v7

Mapbox Streets v7 is now available in Mapbox Studio. Based on OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Streets provides...

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Better navigation with new road classifications in Mapbox Streets

Soon you’ll be able to highlight the road features most relevant to your map style...

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Mapbox Streets for GL

Meet the all-new Mapbox Streets: a multi-purpose global basemap designed from the ground up for...

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MapBox Streets in Español + Français

MapBox Streets is now also available in Spanish and French, in addition to English and...


MapBox New Features Roundup

We’ve been quietly rolling out new features to the MapBox custom style editor. When used...

December 03 2012
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MapBox Streets Design Update

We just completed a major design update to MapBox Streets, our customizable basemap built on...

August 09 2012
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Improved British Rail Network Icons in MapBox Streets

Today we’ve launched the first step in our efforts to improve transportation symbology in MapBox...

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Custom Styles for MapBox Streets

We just launched custom styles for our MapBox Streets world base map at the O’Reilly...

April 03 2012

Foursquare Switches to MapBox Streets, Joins the OpenStreetMap Movement

Last week foursquare relaunched all of its web maps using our new MapBox Streets global...


Announcing MapBox Streets: A Global Map with Street Level Detail

We’re excited to release MapBox Streets, our first global block-level map powered by OpenStreetMap. MapBox...

February 27 2012