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Mapping picnic sites on OpenStreetMap

What better way to get a head start on grilling season than mapping your favorite...

map design

Grilling! and other new Maki icons

A grilling icon for the 13,216 tags in OpenStreetMap where amenity=bbq. All part of our...

January 19 2017
map design

Create custom map icon sets with the Maki icon editor

The latest version of the Maki comes with an icon set editor for customizing and...

map design

Introducing Maki 3

We just released a new version of Maki, our open source map icon set. Maki...

map design

Mapbox Streets for GL

Meet the all-new Mapbox Streets: a multi-purpose global basemap designed from the ground up for...


Drag and Drop with Maki Icons and Style

You can now drag & drop GeoJSON, KML, GPX, and CSV files onto the MapBox...

December 09 2013
map design

Mark your map with new Maki icons

We’ve rolled out over a dozen new highly-requested Maki icons – our open source point-of-interest...

November 14 2013
map design

Making Maki Even Better

Maki, our open-source point-of-interest icon project, has gone through some exciting changes recently.

July 23 2013
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Introducing Maki 2.0: Clean Open Source Map Icons

Maki is a simple and clean set of ‘point of interest’ icons licensed under BSD...

February 16 2012