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Expanding Leaflet's format support with Omnivore

Omnivore helps Mapbox.js & Leaflet eat more types of data. We love and support GeoJSON,...

February 10 2014

Announcing MapBox.js v1.1.0 & Leaflet 0.6.1

Today we’re announcing the release of MapBox.js v1.1.0, which integrates with today’s release of Leaflet...

June 27 2013
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Using Leaflet plugins with MapBox.js: A Showcase

One of the reasons we built MapBox.js v1 on top of Leaflet was its robust...

June 20 2013

Announcing MapBox.js 1.0 with Leaflet

MapBox.js is now version 1.0 and we are joining forces with Leaflet, one of the...

April 18 2013
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From Google Maps to Open Source With MapBox and Leaflet

Switching from the Google Maps API to an open source library like Leaflet gives you...

January 12 2012
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Modest Maps + Leaflet: New Choices for Web APIs

The web map API space has flourished in the last few months, and it has...

June 15 2011