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Tracking changes to China's northeast coastline with false-color Landsat imagery

NASA and USGS’s Landsat satellites captured dramatic changes in China’s coastline at the mouth of...

March 07 2016

Mumbai's landfill fire captured on Landsat

Three days ago, Mumbai’s largest landfill located in the east caught fire, choking the air...

January 31 2016

Pansharpening for higher resolution in Landsat-live

Landsat-live is now twice as crisp! We’ve added pansharpening to our constantly refreshed Landsat-live pipeline,...

November 03 2015

Atmospheric correction for Landsat Live

We are building out automatic atmospheric correction to the Landsat Live pipeline, producing a clearer...

July 14 2015

Metadata vector tiles for imagery

Now every Landsat scene passing through our image processing pipeline generates a vector tile footprint...

June 11 2015

Landsat-live goes live

Today we’re releasing the first edition of Landsat-live, a map that is constantly refreshed with...


Debanding the world

In 2003 machinery on Landsat 7 broke. This malfunction now causes stark black diagonals across...


USGS Q&A: adding value to Landsat imagery with LEDAPS

As Bruno described last month, we leverage the Landsat Ecosystem Disturbance Adaptive Processing System, or...


Cloudless Landsat Preview | Rio de Janeiro

We’re processing new Landsat imagery right now, which will add 4 new zoom levels to...

October 15 2013

Cloudless Landsat Preview | Vancouver

We’re working on the next release of Cloudless Atlas, processing thousands upon thousands of huge...

data & OpenStreetMap

Tracing Landsat 8 for OpenStreetMap

Want to help update OpenStreetMap with fresh, free Landsat 8 imagery? Here’s how to get...


Processing Landsat 8 Using Open-Source Tools

This step-by-step post walks through processing Landsat 8 imagery into an interactive map that you...

June 19 2013

Putting Landsat 8’s Bands to Work

Here’s a picture of LA, just like an ordinary digital camera would take (if it...

June 14 2013

Processing Landsat 8: First Look at the Northeast Mediterranean

Lake Burdur and Acıgöl, Turkey · Landsat 8  The new Landsat 8 imagery from USGS...

June 04 2013

Cloudless Atlas with Landsat

This is a peek at the next release of our Cloudless Atlas release that the...