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Rain, rain, go away: IBM Weather Alerts for Insurance

IBM just launched Weather Alerts for Insurance, a platform that combines data from The Weather...


Weather data pipeline

Today we staged our weather processing pipeline for internal testing. Our pipeline converts any live...


Mapping areas affected by tornadoes in Oklahoma

Photo courtesy of Yesterday an outbreak of tornadoes throughout central United States damaged many...

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Mapping Cyclone Pam's destruction with drones

Since Cyclone Pam hit the Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu on March 13 and 14, a...

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Mapping wind gusts

A ridge of high pressure moves north along the eastern seaboard of North America. Along...

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Make a snowfall map

On the East Coast we’re all suffering from dry skin, a lack of Vitamin D,...

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NOAA doubles the spatial resolution of the Global Forecast System

Tropical storm Bansi, as it appeared last night, pulling warm water from rainforests of Madagascar,...

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Analyzing 60 years of tornadoes with Turf

Tornadoes caused $25 billion dollars worth of damage to the US in 2011. Since 1953...

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Publish drone imagery on Mapbox directly from Pix4D

Today the drone imagery processing software Pix4D rolled out full integration with Mapbox, making it...

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Earthquake ShakeMap design

Peak ground velocity for the 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico in April.

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Typhoon Haiyan OpenStreetMap Tracing

As Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines the OpenStreetMap community was already adding new...


Capturing the Impact of the Oklahoma Tornado

We’ve partnered with USA Today to visualize the impact of Monday’s tornado in Oklahoma. The...

news Precipitation Data Animated

Global precipitation data, from 0-360, (so South America is on the right). This powers’s...

April 30 2013
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Design Weather Maps

We’re playing around with personalized weather maps – taking raw weather data and making our...


Hacking Hurricanes with NOAA

Tomorrow I’ll be joining scientists, designers, developers, and fellow citizens at Hurricane Hackers NYC, a...

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Server Stats from Sandy

Our maps are critical to our users and to the wider public. They were especially...

October 31 2012
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Mapping Hurricane Sandy

This post was updated on Monday, October 29 at 1pm Every hurricane generates a pile...

October 26 2012

Weather Decision Technologies Switches to MapBox

Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), one of the largest weather data companies in the world, just...