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How we hire at Mapbox

We put a lot of time and energy into recruiting because we think that no...

March 22 2017


Say hello to our new team members!

We’re happy to introduce four new team members here at Mapbox! Read on to meet...

March 10 2017


Welcome Sai Sriskandarajah, Mapbox's new VP of Legal!

“Grow your role enough so that when you hire your replacement, they’re 10x as good...

March 06 2017


Welcome to the team!

We’re very excited to announce four new team members here at Mapbox! Read along to...

March 03 2017


Welcome back, Marc!

Few people know the mapping industry as well as Marc Prioleau. He was a crucial...

February 23 2017


Welcome Randall! VP of Sales

Welcome Randall Jackson, as VP of Sales! Randall is leading our sales team, running right...

February 21 2017


Jordan Kiley joins Mapbox

Welcome Jordan Kiley to Mapbox! Jordan joins our mobile team, where she’ll be supporting our...

February 09 2017


Julie Munro joins Mapbox!

Julie Munro has joined the Mapbox team in Washington, DC! As a member of our...

February 08 2017


¡Bienvenido, Pablo!

We’re excited to welcome Pablo Guardiola to Mapbox! Pablo is joining the mobile team to...

February 06 2017


Welcome Lauren Butin!

We’re excited to welcome Lauren Butin who is joining the Mapbox finance team! Lauren will...

January 27 2017


Welcome Kathleen Lu!

We’re excited to welcome Kathleen Lu to Mapbox! As an IP specialist, Kathleen will focus...

January 18 2017


Lizzie Gooding joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Lizzie Gooding to the Mapbox team! Lizzie will be working closely...

January 12 2017


Kushan Joshi joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Kushan Joshi to Mapbox! Kushan will strengthen our processes for...

January 06 2017


Michael Krasnyk joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Michael Krasnyk to Mapbox! Michael will be based in Munich, where...

December 23 2016


Where we're going, we need Rhodes!

We’re excited to welcome David Rhodes to Mapbox! David joins our games team where he’ll...

December 21 2016


Welcome, Sam Kronick!

We’re excited to welcome Sam Kronick to Mapbox! Sam joins our labs team in San...

December 15 2016


Gokul Ganesan joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Gokul Ganesan to Mapbox! Gokul joins our team to improve OpenStreetMap...

December 12 2016


Kevin joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Kevin Fu who is joining the Mapbox business team! Kevin will...

December 07 2016


Cory joins Mapbox!

Big welcome to Cory Guillory who has joined the Mapbox team in DC! Cory works...

December 02 2016


Welcome Miles!

We’re excited to welcome Miles Sackler to Mapbox! Working closely with the business and engineering...

December 01 2016


Jayana joins Mapbox!

We’re stoked to welcome Jayana Charles to the operations team at Mapbox Bangalore. Jayana will...

November 30 2016


Welcome Sarah!

We’re excited to welcome Sarah Kleinman to Mapbox! As part of the labs team, Sarah...

November 21 2016


Riley Slitor joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Riley Slitor to the operations team at Mapbox! Riley joins us...

November 18 2016


Welcome Brynne Morris

We’re excited to welcome Brynne Morris to Mapbox! Brynne will be based in DC working...

by Jen Yu

November 16 2016


Vincent Sarago joins Mapbox

We’re happy to announce that Vincent Sarago is joining Mapbox. Vincent is a developer with...

November 10 2016


Welcome Bersabel!

Bersabel Tadesse has joined the Mapbox team in San Francisco! Bersabel will be working on...

October 20 2016


Ugo Vollmer joins Mapbox!

We’re so excited to welcome Ugo Vollmer to Mapbox here in San Francisco. Ugo is...

October 11 2016


Welcome, Tim Dougherty!

We’re excited to welcome Tim Dougherty to Mapbox here in San Francisco. Tim works on...

October 06 2016


Dana Sulit joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to announce that Dana Sulit has joined the Mapbox team in DC! Dana...

September 28 2016


Erin Quinn joins Mapbox!

We’re delighted to welcome Erin Quinn, who is joining the Mapbox business team in DC!...

August 25 2016


Nadia Barbosa joins Mapbox!

We are thrilled to welcome Nadia Barbosa to Mapbox! Nadia is joining us on the...

August 24 2016


Kara Mahoney joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Kara Mahoney to Mapbox! Kara is joining us in DC to...

August 22 2016


Rasagy Sharma joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Rasagy Sharma to Mapbox! Rasagy joins our design team based...

August 12 2016


Colleen McGinnis joins Mapbox!

Join us in welcoming Colleen McGinnis to the Mapbox team! Colleen is jumping aboard the...

August 10 2016


Benjamin Tran Dinh joins Mapbox

We’re so excited to welcome Benjamin Tran Dinh to Mapbox! Benjamin is joining our telemetry...

August 09 2016


Yunjie Li joins Mapbox

We are thrilled to welcome Yunjie Li to the Mapbox team! Yunjie joins the labs...

August 08 2016


Nick Cordella joins Mapbox

Join us in welcoming Nick Cordella to Mapbox! Nick will help us create new products...

August 05 2016


Mapbox welcomes Nate Perkins!

We’re growing fast here at Mapbox. At the forefront of our expansion is Operations, which...

July 25 2016


Marissa joins Mapbox!

We are thrilled to welcome Marissa Fullford to the operations team at Mapbox! Marissa joins...

July 21 2016


Natalie Pitcher joins Mapbox

Join us in welcoming Natalie aboard the Mapbox team! Natalie will be leading out event...

July 20 2016


Upendra Karukonda joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Upendra Karukonda to our expanding data team in Bengaluru. He...


Jen Yu joins Mapbox!

We’re so excited to welcome Jen Yu to the communications team at Mapbox! Jen will...

July 14 2016


Lily Chai joins Mapbox!

Lily Chai has joined the Mapbox Telemetry team out of our San Francisco office. Lily...

July 13 2016


Bharata Srinivasa joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Bharata Srinivasa to the data team! He is a tech and...

July 08 2016


Amisha Singla joins Mapbox!

Join us in welcoming Amisha Singla to the growing engineering team in Bangalore! Amisha is...


David Clark Joins Mapbox

We’re excited to welcome David Clark to Mapbox. As part of the Mapbox Studio team,...

June 23 2016


Kai Dalgleish joins Mapbox!

Kai Dalgleish is the newest member of the Mapbox geocoding team and joins us in...

June 13 2016


Xinnong Yang to head business development in China

Xinnong Yang is joining Mapbox to lead business development in China. Based in Shanghai he...

June 02 2016


Manohar Erikipati joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Manohar to Mapbox. Manohar joins us to improve OpenStreetMap and...


Maanya Umashaanker joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Maanya Umashaanker to the data team! Maanya joins us to improve...

June 02 2016


Joel Theodros joins Mapbox!

Joel Theodros has joined the Mapbox team in San Francisco! Joel works with Enterprise customers,...

June 01 2016


Welcome Matt Ficke!

We’re excited to welcome Matt Ficke to Mapbox! Matt is joining our geocoding team, working...

May 27 2016


Hannah Judge joins Mapbox!

Hannah Judge has joined the Mapbox customer success team in San Francisco! Hannah uses her...

May 17 2016


Ajith Ranka joins Mapbox!

A big welcome to Ajith Ranka, who has joined the Mapbox team! Ajith will focus...


Angelina Calderon joins Mapbox!

Angelina Calderon has joined the Mapbox team in San Francisco! As a member of our...

May 16 2016


Welcome Justin Van Etten!

Justin Van Etten is joining Mapbox! As Mapbox’s first commercial counsel, Justin is jumping in...

April 29 2016


Welcome Nat Slaughter!

Welcome Nat Slaughter, the latest addition to the Mapbox design team! Nat has a history...

April 21 2016


Emma Grasmeder joins Mapbox

Welcome Emma Grasmeder to Mapbox DC! Emma is diving into our telemetry, running data analysis...

April 12 2016


Welcome Julianne Baker Gallegos!

A big welcome to Julianne Baker Gallegos, our newest member of the Operations team. Julianne...

April 08 2016


Sean Heffernan joins Mapbox!

We’re pumped to welcome Sean, who is joining the Mapbox business team! Sean will be...

April 06 2016


Rodolfo Wilhelmy joins the team!

Rodolfo Wilhelmy is joining Mapbox! He is jumping into our telemetry data, helping to build...

April 06 2016


Cameron Mace joins Mapbox

Welcome Cameron Mace! Cameron is joining the mobile and support teams to help developers get...

April 05 2016


Kajari Ghosh joins Mapbox

Welcome Kajari Ghosh to Mapbox! Kajari will be based out of DC, diving into Mapbox...

April 04 2016


Poornima Badrinath joins Mapbox

A warm welcome to Poornima Badrinath! Poornima is joining our data team to improve OpenStreetMap...

March 28 2016


Krishna Nammala joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Krishna Nammala to the data team! Krishna joins us to improve...


Welcome, Molly Lloyd!

We’re pumped to welcome Molly Lloyd to Mapbox in San Francisco. She’s joining our engineering...

March 08 2016


Bhargav Kowshik joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Bhargav Kowshik to the Mapbox data team. Bhargav will join us...

March 04 2016


Welcome Jesse Bounds!

Jesse Bounds has joined the Mobile team in San Francisco. Jesse holds a Masters in...

February 19 2016


Welcome Noemi Walzebuck!

We’re very excited to welcome Noemi Walzebuck to the Mapbox business team. Noemi joins us...

February 16 2016


Brendan McFarland joins Mapbox!

A big welcome to Brendan McFarland, who recently joined the finance team. Brendan first discovered...

February 09 2016


Hannah Gelfond joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Hannah Gelfond to the Mapbox team! She’ll be running alongside Eric,...

January 29 2016


Sam Matthews joins Mapbox!

Sam Matthews is joining the Mapbox team! As a developer, he will focus on improving...

January 22 2016


Emily DuBois Joins Mapbox!

Emily DuBois is joining the Mapbox team! As a developer, she’ll focus on improving how...

January 19 2016


Welcome Tobrun Van Nuland!

We are excited to welcome Tobrun Van Nuland to Mapbox! He joins our Mobile team...

January 08 2016


Blythe Sheldon joins Mapbox!

A big welcome to Blythe Sheldon, who joined the Mapbox Studio team. In addition to...

December 17 2015


Xiaowei Wang joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome to Xiaowei Wang to Mapbox! She joins the Map Design...

December 14 2015


Alex Ulsh joins Mapbox!

A big welcome to Alex Ulsh, who joined Mapbox last week. Alex is on the...

December 09 2015


Moritz Kobitzsch joins the team

I’m excited to welcome Moritz Kobitzsch to the team! Moritz comes to us from the...

December 03 2015


Antonio Zugaldia joins Mapbox!

Say hi to Antonio Zugaldia! Antonio has recently joined Mapbox as a member of our...

November 20 2015


We're growing Mapbox's business team

We’re growing Mapbox’s business team. Mapbox is changing the way people move around their cities...

November 03 2015


Chris Kottke joins Mapbox!

A big welcome to Chris, who’s joined Mapbox to build out our finance team. He’ll...

November 03 2015


Matt Perry joins Mapbox

It’s our great pleasure to announce that Matt Perry is joining the Satellite Team at...

October 30 2015

map design

Help us design the future graphic language for mapmakers

We’re looking for someone passionate about symbolization and icon design to join the Mapbox map...

October 13 2015


Matthew Whittemore joins Mapbox

Matthew Whittemore is joining the Mapbox team. He’s working on all parts of our stack,...

October 12 2015


Sanjay Bhangar joins Mapbox!

Sanjay Bhangar is joining Mapbox. Sanjay brings his extensive experience developing web applications to building...

October 08 2015


Say hello to Zack Mully!

Welcome Zack Mully, who has joined us in DC. Zack will be working with our...

October 07 2015


Say hello to Abhishek Saikia!

Say hello to Abhishek Saikia! Abhishek joins us to improve OpenStreetMap and other datasets using...

October 07 2015


Aruna Sankaranarayanan joins the team!

Aruna Sankaranarayanan is joining Mapbox! Aruna comes on to build smart tools for improving geospatial...

October 06 2015


Mikel Maron joins Mapbox

Mikel Maron is joining the Mapbox team. He will work across the entire organization to...

October 05 2015


Andrew Pendleton joins Mapbox

We’re delighted to welcome Andrew Pendleton to Mapbox. Andrew will be working on our geocoder,...

October 05 2015


Say hello to Maning Sambale!

Say hello to Maning Sambale! Maning is a long time OpenStreetMap contributor in the Philippines...

October 01 2015


Dan Patterson joins Mapbox!

It is an honor to welcome Dan, the newest member of the Directions team! Joining...

September 24 2015


Welcome Jothirnadh

Say hello to Jothirnadh! Jothi joins us to improve OpenStreetMap and other datasets using a...

September 09 2015


Manny Lopez joins Mapbox!

Meet Manny, our newest Mapbox Support Hero! Manny comes to our team with an amazing...

September 04 2015

map design

Help design the future of maps

Mapbox is expanding its design team! We are looking for a designer to help create...

September 04 2015


Welcome Tim Channell

Welcome Tim Channell, who has joined us in DC! Tim is a long-time Turf contributor...

September 03 2015


Welcome Bryan Housel

Welcome, Bryan Housel! Bryan joins us to work on Mapbox GL and OpenStreetMap infrastructure. He’s...

September 02 2015


Dan Swick joins Mapbox!

Meet Dan, the newest member of the Support team in SF! Dan comes to the...

August 20 2015


Oindrila Gupta joins Mapbox

Oindrila Gupta is the newest member of our data team in Bangalore. She will be...

August 19 2015


Jessi Mann joins Mapbox!

Meet Jessi, the newest member of the Operations team in DC! She will be supporting...

August 12 2015


Welcome Max Sirenko

Max Sirenko has joined the Mapbox team in San Francisco! After years on Wall Street...

August 12 2015


Welcome Daniel!

A warm welcome to Daniel, the newest member to our Directions team! Daniel comes with...

July 30 2015


Aarthy Chandrasekhar joins the team

Say hello to Aarthy Chandrasekhar! Aarthy joins us to improve OpenStreetMap and other datasets using...

July 28 2015


Help build the Mapbox Android SDK

Mapbox Mobile for Android is more than just code. Building an SDK means supporting developers,...


Siyu Song joins Mapbox

Say hello to Siyu Song! Siyu has joined our San Francisco office and will work...

July 14 2015


Nikhil Prabhakar joins the team

Nikhil joins the data team to strengthen our work on improving datasets like OpenStreetMap based...

July 10 2015


Jeremy Stratman joins Mapbox

Jeremy has joined our team! He’ll be working alongside Eric; running logistics, sharpening our business...

July 09 2015


Bruno Abinader joins Mapbox

Bruno Abinader joins Mapbox to help develop the best mapping library for mobile and the...

July 07 2015


Jacques Tardie joins Mapbox

Welcome Jacques Tardie, the newest member of the Mapbox satellite team! With a background in...

July 02 2015


Virginia Yung joins Mapbox

A warm welcome to Virginia Yung! Virginia is joining the Mapbox SF office, working on...

June 30 2015


Pratik Yadav joins Mapbox

Pratik is the newest member of our data team. He focuses on improving OpenStreetMap data...

June 24 2015


Jinal Foflia joins team Mapbox

Jinal Foflia has joined our team! She will focus on creating and improving map data...

June 23 2015


Don Drummond joins Mapbox

A big welcome to Don, the latest addition to our operations team. Don’s an accountant...

June 18 2015


Jason Wray joins Mapbox

Jason Wray just joined the Mapbox team! Jason stands with one foot in mobile, one...

June 11 2015


Maya Gao joins Mapbox

Maya Gao just joined the design team at Mapbox! Her amazing ability to create beautiful,...

June 05 2015


Alice Kuo joins Mapbox

Say hello to Alice Kuo! Alice has joined our business team working out of San...

June 04 2015


Lucas Wojciechowski joins Mapbox

Lucas Wojciechowski just joined Mapbox! Lucas was an early adopter of Mapbox GL, which he...

May 28 2015


Jake Pruitt joins our team

Jake Pruitt is now a part of the Mapbox team! Jake comes to us from...

May 27 2015


Scott Andrews joins team Mapbox

Scott Andrews has joined team Mapbox! Scott previously worked at where he was lead...

May 26 2015


Chau Nguyen joins the team

Chau Nguyen is the newest member of the Mapbox team. She is currently completing her...

May 17 2015


Ramya Ragupathy Joins Mapbox

Ramya is the newest team member of our data team. She will be focusing on...


Nina Armah joins Mapbox

Nina Armah has joined the Mapbox Team. Nina grew up in Maryland and has spent...

April 24 2015


Zach Beattie joins Mapbox

The business team at Mapbox just got a little bigger: Zach Beattie has joined us...

April 22 2015


Chethan Gowda joins Mapbox

Chethan has joined our data team in Bangalore! He will help us add improved content...

April 22 2015


Hello Karito Palomino!

Say hello to Karito Palomino, the newest member of our data team! As a data...

April 03 2015


Abimael Riveros joins Mapbox!

Abimael Riveros has joined the Mapbox data team! He’ll improve OpenStreetMap based on customer feedback...

April 01 2015


César Alfaro joins the team!

Say hello to César Alfaro! César is joining the Mapbox team as a data specialist...

March 30 2015


Thiago Santos joins Mapbox

Thiago Santos joins Mapbox to help build the fastest in-device mapping library for the web...

March 27 2015


Eliane Joyo Joins Mapbox

Eliane Joyo Meneses is joining the Mapbox team! As part of the data team, Eliane...

March 26 2015


Emily McAfee joins the team!

Emily McAfee is joining Mapbox! Emily graduated from General Assembly in Washington, DC where she...

March 19 2015


Welcome Vanessa!

A big welcome to Vanessa, who has joined the Mapbox team! She’ll be on operations,...

February 24 2015


Arun Ganesh joins Mapbox

Arun Ganesh is joining Mapbox. Arun is an interaction designer, programmer and according to Pascal...

February 14 2015


Srividya Bharadwaj joins Mapbox

Srividya Bharadwaj is joining Mapbox as data analyst focusing on improving OpenStreetMap — the free...

February 12 2015


Michael Steffen joins Mapbox

Michael Steffen is joining the Mapbox team. Michael will lead Mapbox’s legal work and push...

February 10 2015


Hello Ruth Maben!

Ruth Maben is joining Mapbox. Ruth is going to be part of a growing team...

February 10 2015


Shravan Shah joins Mapbox

Say hello to Shravan Shah. Shravan’s joining our growing data team in Bengaluru to help...

February 09 2015


Sajjad Anwar joins Mapbox

Sajjad Anwar aka @geohacker is joining Mapbox. We have known Sajjad for a long time...

January 27 2015


Brad Leege joins the team!

Brad Leege has joined Mapbox, bringing a deep background in mobile development on both Android...

January 20 2015


Welcome Kelvin Abrokwa!

Meet Kelvin Abrokwa, the newest member of the Mapbox data team. As a student at...

January 06 2015


Blake Thompson joins Mapbox

Blake Thompson is joining the Mapbox team! Blake will be diving into the development of...

January 06 2015


Willy Berg joins Mapbox

MapBox is joining forces with Dr. Wilhelm Berg of BergWerk GIS. We are thrilled to...

January 05 2015


Lyzi Diamond joins!

We’re thrilled to welcome Lyzi to the Mapbox team! As a co-founder of the geo...

January 02 2015


Hello Andrey Golovin!

Say hello to Andrey Golovin! Andrey is an incredibly active mapper with some 4,200 edits...

December 11 2014


Join team Bengaluru

We are growing the Mapbox team in Bengaluru and we’re looking for individuals who love...

November 06 2014


Open data research internship

We’re looking for an enthusiastic data research intern to help us find, organize, and share...

October 30 2014


Andreas Viglakis joins Mapbox

Andreas Viglakis is joining the Mapbox team! Trained as an architect and urban designer, Andreas...

October 22 2014


Johan Uhle joins Mapbox

Johan Uhle has joined the Mapbox team! He is working on global Mapbox infrastructure, making...

October 13 2014


Alison Anthes joins Mapbox

Alison Anthes has joined the Mapbox team! We’re excited to have Ali on board, playing...

October 01 2014


Welcome Cathryn Stickel!

A big welcome to Cathryn Stickel, who is joining Mapbox to support our overall operations...

September 30 2014


Hello Tom Lee!

Tom Lee has joined Mapbox! Tom comes to us from the Sunlight Foundation where he...

September 29 2014


Katy DeCorah joins Mapbox

Katy DeCorah is joining the Mapbox team! Katy will be jumping into coding and design....

September 26 2014


Aerial + drone + satellite imagery internship

We’re going to ingest billions of new pixels from aerial, drone, and satellite sources into...

September 24 2014


Richman Pariona joins Mapbox

Richman Pariona joins the Mapbox data team! Before Richman joined he was researching traffic patterns...

September 18 2014


Welcome Danny Aiquipa!

Say hello to Danny Aiquipa. Danny is a power OpenStreetMap contributor. She is excited to...

September 16 2014


Peter Liu joins Mapbox

We’re excited to welcome Peter to the Mapbox design team, where he will be focusing...

September 15 2014


Duncan Graham joins Mapbox

Duncan is joining the Mapbox design team, coming to us from daytime hours at The...

September 11 2014


Matt Irwin joins Mapbox!

Matt Irwin joins the Mapbox team after eight years working as a diplomat with the...

September 09 2014


Shiv Ramachandran joins Mapbox

Welcome Shiv! A long-time colleague from the international development space, Shiv started mapping using TileMill...

September 05 2014


Welcome Luis Alanya!

Say hello to Luis Alanya Ortega. Luis is a power OpenStreetMap contributor, and as part...

August 18 2014


Karen Shea joins Mapbox

Karen is a designer who immediately impressed us by not being afraid to use GIFs...

August 14 2014


Come build mobile at Mapbox

Want to be part of the team that’s changing the way app makers design and...

August 13 2014


Welcome Camilla Mahon

And now she’s full time.

August 07 2014


Morgan Herlocker joins the team!

Morgan Herlocker has joined Mapbox, working with us from the DC garage. He’s an accomplished...

July 22 2014


Designer Tatiana Van Campenhout joins the team!

Tatiana is a designer and illustrator who alongside making crazy animated GIFs brings an amazing...

July 08 2014


Lauren Budorick joins Mapbox

Lauren Budorick is joining the Mapbox team in San Francisco! Lauren is a graduate of...

June 17 2014


Patrick Niklaus Joins Mapbox

Patrick Niklaus is joining Mapbox. He has worked on great projects before like the alaCarte...

June 16 2014


Amy Lee Walton Joins Mapbox

Designer Amy Lee Walton joins the team in DC! She brings an experimental art+maker background...

June 05 2014


Camilla Mahon joins Mapbox

Image Analyst Camilla Mahon joins Mapbox in San Francisco! Camilla is joining as an intern...


Damon Burgett Joins Mapbox

Damon Burgett has joined the team in San Francisco. Damon will bring his coding and...

May 23 2014


Nick Ingalls Joins Mapbox

Nick Ingalls is joining Mapbox. We have been collaborating with Nick in the OpenStreetMap community...

April 28 2014


Carol Hansen joins Mapbox

Developer Carol Hansen joins the Mapbox team in Washington, DC! Previously, Carol worked in web...

April 03 2014


Amit Kapadia joins Mapbox

Image scientist Amit Kapadia joins the Mapbox team in San Francisco! Amit will be jumping...

March 10 2014


Camille Teicheira joins Mapbox

Developer Camille Teicheira joins the Mapbox team in San Francisco! Camille is a recent graduate...

February 26 2014


Eleanor Lutz joins Mapbox

Design consultant Eleanor Lutz joins the Mapbox team! As a designer and molecular biology major,...

January 08 2014


Paul Goodman joins SF office

Paul Goodman is joining our expanding team in San Francisco, helping us grow our government...

January 02 2014


Mick Thompson joins Mapbox!

Civic hacker Mick Thompson joins Mapbox in San Francisco! We first started talking maps with...

January 02 2014


Geologist Ryan Clark joins Mapbox

Geologist Ryan Clark joins the team! Ryan got into coding while maintaining the data behind...

January 02 2014


Adam Phillips to lead Business Development

Adam Phillips is our new business development lead at MapBox, working out of our San...

December 12 2013


Rafa Gutierrez joins MapBox!

Rafa Gutierrez is the new support hero at MapBox! He will be fielding developer questions...

December 10 2013


Katie Wandtke joins MapBox!

Katie Wandtke has joined the MapBox team! She will be taking care of our subscribers,...

November 26 2013


Aaron Lidman Joins MapBox

Aaron Lidman joins the MapBox team! Aaron has amazing experience on both the product side...

November 25 2013


Jeff Hurlock joins MapBox

A big welcome to Jeff Hurlock, who has just joined the MapBox team. He’ll be...

November 18 2013


Megan Wanee: Hello mission control

Megan Wanee has joined the team as Mission Control, a new position that’s key to...

November 15 2013


Lindsay Young joins MapBox

Lindsay Young has joined MapBox! She’ll run logistics as part of our operations team, helping...

November 07 2013


Growing @MapBox Satellite

Our satellite team is growing. We just listed an opening for an image processing engineer,...

November 06 2013


Eden Halperin Joins MapBox

Eden Halperin just joined the MapBox team in SF! Drawing from his background in interaction...

November 05 2013


Leaflet Creator Vladimir Agafonkin Joins MapBox

We’re excited to announce that Vladimir Agafonkin, the creator of Leaflet and lots of other...

October 28 2013


Gerald Rich Joins MapBox

Gerald Rich just joined the MapBox team in DC! Gerald is a developer/data journalist who...

October 25 2013


Mike Morris Joins MapBox

Mike Morris is a seasoned full-stack developer who joins us in DC with a wealth...

October 24 2013


Sean Gillies Joins MapBox

We’re excited to announce that Sean Gillies, author of Shapely and collaborator on the GeoJSON...

October 22 2013


Nicki Dlugash Joins MapBox

Nicki Dlugash joins the MapBox team in DC! Drawing from her background in interaction design,...

October 15 2013


Eric Fischer joins MapBox

Eric Fischer joins the MapBox team! We have worked with Eric on some incredible projects,...

October 11 2013


Hiring an operations associate for the DC garage

This position has been filled. Our team is growing fast, and we’re hiring an operations...

October 10 2013


Marc Prioleau Joins the Board of Directors

In February 2017, Marc joined Mapbox full time, working on strategic business development. Marc Prioleau,...

September 18 2013


We Are Growing

We just launched /jobs @MapBox. We’re growing fast and looking for talented, hungry people to...

August 12 2013


Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño joins MapBox as Chief Scientist

Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño is joining MapBox as Chief Scientist. Bruno has a PhD in Astrophysics...

July 26 2013


Girl Power @MapBox

I’ve been on the leadership team at MapBox since day one. I literally filed our...

July 24 2013


Hiring Business Development Lead at MapBox San Francisco

We are looking for a head of Business Development to lead partnerships and build out...

July 11 2013


Christopher Jones Joins MapBox

Christopher Jones, a long time colleague in the open source and open data space has...

June 27 2013


Dennis Luxen Joins MapBox

Dennis Luxen, the lead developer of Open Source Routing Machine, a high-performance routing engine, is...

June 06 2013


Hiring a Node.js Developer to Join our DevOps Team

We are looking for a talented developer to join the DevOps team at MapBox. You...

March 06 2013


Growing our Imagery Team, Charlie Loyd joins MapBox

Charlie Loyd is joining the MapBox team, bringing extensive knowledge of satellite imagery and raster...

February 27 2013


Ryan Ford Joins MapBox

We’re excited to announce that animator, designer, and illustrator Ryan Ford is joining the MapBox...

February 15 2013


Garrett Miller Joins MapBox

We’re excited to announce that Garrett Miller is joining our team at MapBox. Garrett shares...

February 12 2013


Growing the MapBox Satellite Team

We’re looking for a satellite imagery intern to join the MapBox team. You’ll be joining...

January 29 2013


JavaScript, Ruby, and Testing Specialist John Firebaugh Joins MapBox

We’re happy to announce that John Firebaugh is joining MapBox. John’s deep expertise in JavaScript,...

January 11 2013


Hiring a Designer at MapBox

We are looking for a designer to join MapBox in 2013. You’ll be joining a...

December 19 2012


Mapnik Creator Artem Pavlenko Joins the Team

Artem Pavlenko, the creator of Mapnik - the amazing map renderer at the heart of...

January 18 2012