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Under Armour launches with Mapbox Mobile

Under Armour just launched new versions of UA Record for iOS and Android with new...

data & OpenStreetMap

Progress mapping West Africa's Ebola outbreak

For the past six months, 1,650 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) volunteers from more than 100...


New high resolution satellite images for Ebola outbreak region

We just processed high resolution imagery with DigitalGlobe for Mamou, a region within the center...

data & OpenStreetMap

Over 100,000 buildings mapped in Guinea where Ebola broke out

In the past 5 days the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and volunteers mapped over 100,000 buildings...

data & OpenStreetMap

Ebola mapping in Guinea: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Ebola has broken out in West Africa. As of this morning, about 60 people have...

data & OpenStreetMap

Using Open Source Tools to Map Health Data

Today I’m at the Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University to talk about...

April 21 2012