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Mappers across Africa share data with their leaders

African leaders meet today in Nairobi to plan and commit to creating and using data...

data & OpenStreetMap

Government and citizens collaborate to map Canada

Statistics Canada is collaborating with the OpenStreetMap community to build a single inventory of the...


Local government transparency in 3D

In September 2016, we launched Mapbox Cities to tackle cities’ biggest challenges through data-driven decision...


Mapping congressional town halls

Monday marks the start of the Congressional recess, when many voters across the country will...

February 17 2017

Welcome, GOES-16!

The newest weather satellite, NOAA’s GOES-16, took a test picture of the whole Western Hemisphere...


Using Mapbox to tackle cities' challenges

In September, we announced Mapbox Cities and started looking for three cities we can work...


Open Mapping at OGP Summit 2016

Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit week is here, hosted by this year’s chair France. After...

data & OpenStreetMap

Building with the Opportunity Project

Today we’re at the White House, celebrating the end of a sprint on the Opportunity...

October 06 2016

White House Mapathon today!

The second annual White House Mapathon is today! Last year was a blast, and we...


25 years of political donations with MapD

Spending by US presidential campaigns is rising steadily. In 2012, the Obama and Romney campaigns...


The White House is writing an open source policy that will help fix government tech

Thursday, the White House released a draft open source policy for public comment. The policy...

March 12 2016

Why we're supporting Apple in its case against the FBI

Yesterday, we joined a host of technology companies filing in court to support Apple in...

March 04 2016

Letting you know if law enforcement asks for your data

Last week, Mapbox joined a coalition of startups filing in court to seek greater transparency...

February 10 2016
data & OpenStreetMap

U.S. Government Commits to Open Mapping

The U.S. federal government just made a huge commitment to Open Mapping, taking the lead...

October 27 2015

Open mapping happy hour at the Open Government Partnership Summit

Join us for an Open Mapping Happy Hour at the Open Government Partnership Summit in...


Open mapping revolution at the Open Government Partnership Summit

OpenStreetMap and open geo data will be a major topic at the upcoming Open Government...

October 09 2015

Startups support net neutrality -- in court

Yesterday we joined a coalition of startups to support the FCC’s new net neutrality rules...

September 22 2015
developer tools

Installing Mapbox on AWS GovCloud

Mapbox Atlas Server is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. GovCloud is an...

developer tools

Your raster data on Atlas Server

Atlas Server can handle massive raster datasets – from commercial satellite scenes to drone imagery...

developer tools

Turf for local gov: potholes and parking meters

In an ideal world, data and visualizations inform decisionmaking. State and local government agencies rely...

January 16 2015

2014 Berlin in high-res

We just updated Berlin, Germany in Mapbox Satellite with a fresh set of high-resolution orthoimagery...


Happy hour: Mapbox for government

Coming to DC for the Esri Federal GIS Conference in February? Join us for happy...

December 05 2014
developer tools

Installing Mapbox on your infrastructure

With Atlas Server, you can now run the Mapbox platform on your own infrastructure. Run...

November 10 2014

Mapping missing maps

Millions of people worldwide live in poorly mapped areas. When conflict, disease, or natural disaster...

November 05 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

ICCM and micro-tasking tools in OpenStreetMap

I’ll be at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers with Matt this week hanging out...


Mapping Gaza before and after a crisis

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is mapping buildings and streets in the Gaza Strip using...

October 21 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Drone mapping for urban planning in Mexico City

Last week at ConDatos in Mexico City we joined forces with Laboratorio para la Ciudad...

October 07 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Custom imagery in Mongolia for the Asia Foundation

The hills around Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, are dotted with large, unplanned settlements known as ger districts....

September 19 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap data in Syria

The OpenStreetMap community has mapped more than 43,700 miles of road in Syria. This data...

September 10 2014

Matt Irwin joins Mapbox!

Matt Irwin joins the Mapbox team after eight years working as a diplomat with the...

September 09 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Over 1 million New York City buildings and addresses imported to OpenStreetMap

Over the past year, our data team has worked with the OpenStreetMap community to do...

August 22 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Adding San Francisco Buildings on OpenStreetMap

Our data team has been busy tracing building footprints in San Francisco. The effort is...

map design

TileMill adds support for Esri FileGDB format

TileMill now supports reading vector features directly from the proprietary Esri File Geodatabase (FileGDB) format....

April 16 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Mapping an entire city in a day

This is what you get when you combine community, open data, and awesome imagery. In...

April 04 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Drone Adventures Imagery for Tracing in OpenStreetMap: Fukushima + Lima

Drone Adventures released four new UAV imagery layers of their recent deployments for tracing on...

April 03 2014

Tuning for mobile and low-bandwidth environments

Maps can be a challenge in low bandwidth scenarios—they rely on dynamic content being loaded...

January 10 2014

Government Shutdown Map by the Washington Post

This government shutdown map by the Washington Post allows readers to comment how the closed...

October 11 2013

Congress for iOS by Sunlight Foundation Q&A

Our friends at Sunlight Foundation recently released the iOS version of their popular Congress app....

July 30 2013

Photos from Open Government Happy Hour

On Friday, we hosted an Open Government happy hour in the MapBox Garage to kick...


FedGeoDay Schedule Out, Jam Packed

The schedule for FedGeoDay - a one day conference on modern, open geospatial tools and...

February 08 2013

Georeferencing Images for Use in TileMill and MapBox

If the skies are clear on Monday, GeoEye will capture incredible imagery of President Obama’s...

January 15 2013

Announcing FedGeo Day: Modern Geo Tools for the Government

Registration for FedGeo Day opened up yesterday. The one day event on February 28 in...

December 07 2012

How We Built USA TODAY's Election Night Maps

Throughout the 2012 election cycle, we’ve been fascinated with idea of visualizing realtime election results....

November 09 2012

Making GEOINT Beautiful

Chris and Eric just landed in Orlando for the GEOINT 2012 Expo. We are there...

October 08 2012
data & OpenStreetMap

Surveying Brasilia with Walking Papers

Last week in Brasilia Eric and I joined efforts with Luiz Carlos from the Track...

April 23 2012
data & OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap Open Government Partnership Mapping Party in Brasilia

OpenStreetMap is a critical open data platform for governments embracing open data and is shaping...

April 12 2012
news Relaunches Featuring 10 MapBox Maps

This morning, the United States Department of Energy pulled back the curtain on a complete...

August 04 2011

Using Excess Federal Properties to Show the Benefits of TileMill's Interactivity

Recently the White House released a listing of nearly 14,000 properties owned by the government...