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Local government transparency in 3D

In September 2016, we launched Mapbox Cities to tackle cities’ biggest challenges through data-driven decision...


Engage your customers on Twitter using location sharing

Today, Twitter launched location sharing in Direct Messages, making it easier for businesses to engage...

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What's your favorite place in the world?

The space that encircles the planet, through which biological life moves, is often more meaningful...

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Beautifying map labels with better line breaking

We’ve improved text layout on our maps, with a special focus on right-to-left and ideographic...

February 07 2017
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Improving Arabic and Hebrew text in map labels

Mapbox GL JS now supports Arabic and Hebrew text with an optional plugin, and the...

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Build better buildings with indoor maps

The U.S. construction industry generates 37 million blueprints each year. 90% of contractors keep those...

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Mapping the DC Metro

Transit maps done well are beautiful and functional visualizations of how people move through a...

December 20 2016

MongoDB 3.4 now features Mapbox in Compass

MongoDB’s new 3.4 release now includes Compass with maps powered by Mapbox. Compass’s intuitive UI...

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Exploring NYC Open Data with 3D hexbins

We’re always looking for interesting data to explore with Mapbox tools, so when we found...

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Run the Catalina Eco Marathon in 3D

This past Saturday, ambitious runners took on the Catalina Eco Marathon, a race that loops...

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Migrating a project from Mapbox Editor

Our team is working hard to build powerful mapping software for the future. In September,...


Find your polling place with Mapbox + Foursquare

We teamed up with the Voting Information Project (VIP) and Foursquare to build an app...

November 02 2016
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Style compatibility with Mapbox Studio

If you’ve seen us introduce 3D buildings and data-driven styles, you know that the Mapbox...

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Track your jetlag with data-driven line-color

Mapbox GL JS now supports data-driven styling for line-color, making it even easier to create...

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Dive into large datasets with 3D shapes in Mapbox GL

Explore America’s population density down to the city block using this new visualization. We had...

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Shading and lighting 3D features in Mapbox GL JS

Last week we launched extrusion fill properties and light properties in Mapbox GL JS that...

October 17 2016
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3D features in Mapbox GL JS

Today we’re launching extrusions for Mapbox GL JS! Add custom, 3D visualizations to your maps...


MongoDB Compass launches with Mapbox

MongoDB, best known for their document-oriented database solutions, just launched maps inside of Compass. With...

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Mapping U.S. wildfire data from public feeds

With the Mapbox Datasets API, you can create data-based maps that continuously update. As new...

August 29 2016

Visualizing parking data with Spot Angels

We partnered with parking mapping company Spot Angels to visualize its street level data with...

August 19 2016
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Custom HTML markers in Mapbox GL JS

You can now add HTML markers to your GL maps in the latest release of...

August 08 2016

Mapbox now powers The Weather Channel App on iOS

The most popular weather app on the App Store just switched to Mapbox mobile. The...


Search for your next apartment with RentPath

RentPath helps consumers find apartments and houses for rent, whether you’re looking for a modern...

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Creating vector tiles from raster datasets

Climate models predict massive shifts in temperature and precipitation over the next 100+ years. These...

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Visualizing Eurovision Shazam tags with Mapbox GL

Last month, over 200 million viewers watched the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The annual musical...

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Applying data-driven style to remote data sources

GitHub, Dropbox, and Google Sheets make it easy to store and share data — but...

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Data-driven styling for live earthquake tracking

Using USGS earthquake data feed and Mapbox GL JS data-driven styling, we built a live...

June 08 2016
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Data-driven styling for fill layers in Mapbox GL JS

The latest Mapbox GL JS release (v0.19.0) includes data-driven styling support for fill-color and fill-outline-color....

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Introducing data-driven styling in Mapbox GL JS

Today we’re introducing data-driven styling capabilities in Mapbox GL JS with property functions. Property functions...