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WGS84 precision in Unity World Space

When working in Unity, placing features on a map in the correct geographic coordinates requires...

May 05 2017
developer tools

Launching the Mapbox Unity SDK

We are pleased to launch the Mapbox Unity SDK at the Game Developers Conference this...

February 27 2017
developer tools + Mapbox Unity SDK, a platform for building location-based games, just launched with the latest version of the...

February 24 2017
developer tools

3D terrain in Unity

The Mapbox Unity SDK has full support for global digital elevation data in Unity. Our...

February 08 2017
developer tools

Bringing real-world places into your game

Here’s an example of how we used Unity and the Mapbox Unity SDK to integrate...

February 01 2017
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Build the next Pokémon Go with Mapbox + Unity

The Niantic team, creator of Pokémon Go, did amazing work in creating an iconic map...

January 26 2017
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How to design a Minecraft-inspired world with Mapbox and Unity

A few weeks ago I used the Mapbox Unity SDK to create a Minecraft-inspired world....

January 11 2017

Mapbox access now available in Mantle 1.1!

Our friends at Mantle, the plugin for effortlessly designing 3D environments in Unity, just released...

January 04 2017
developer tools

Creating Minecraft-inspired Worlds with the Mapbox Unity SDK

Our Mapbox Unity SDK is all about bringing real world map data to the world...

December 21 2016
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Styling 3D buildings in Unity

The upcoming Mapbox Unity SDK is designed to bring full map capabilities to Unity. In...

December 13 2016

Mobile runtime styling: get active!

From now on, your mobile maps can make subtle style changes in response to app...

developer tools

Announcing the Mapbox Unity SDK

Today we are announcing the Mapbox Unity SDK. The new SDK gives developers direct access...

October 31 2016
developer tools

Global elevation data

Our new global elevation layer, Terrain-RGB, is live! Encoded in the Red, Green, and Blue...

October 27 2016

Viewing satellite imagery in VR

Mapbox with Unity 3D opens up new ways to showcase geospatial data. We have been...

October 17 2016
developer tools

Drive around your map

With Mapbox maps, Unity, and Mantle you can recreate and explore any place in the...

October 06 2016
developer tools

Creating accurate 3D building shadows in Unity

The new Mantle plugin for Unity, which adds real world terrain and streets to games,...

August 31 2016
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Interactive 3D maps in Unity

Mantle, the game engine plugin for designing 3D maps in Unity, just leaked screenshots of...

August 30 2016
developer tools

Mapbox + Unity

We’re building core support for Mapbox in Unity, the game engine used in many games...


Track 'em all with PokeRadar!

Missing a Vaporeon? Did that Dragonite disappear before you unleashed your Pokéball? Trying to catch...

map design

Design a location-based game map with Mapbox Studio

A couple weeks ago I built a web map in the style of Pokemon Go,...

map design

The playful design of Pokémon Go maps

The team at Niantic, who built Pokémon Go, did amazing work. Pokémon brings augmented reality...