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Find us at FOSS4G!

Photo by UNFCCC. Vladimir Agafonkin (@mourner), Johan Uhle (@freenerd), and I (@sgillies) will be in...


Say hi at FOSS4G Seoul!

Vlad and I are on the ground and very excited to be attending FOSS4G this...

September 15 2015

Let's talk maps at FOSS4G Bangalore

The Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP) at the Indian Institute of...


Open Source foundations of Mapbox GL at FOSS4G

Today is the final day of FOSS4G 2015. In the morning session we will share...

March 12 2015

Data processing pipelines at FOSS4G

Processing pipelines for large geospatial datasets is a big topic here at FOSS4GNA this year...

March 11 2015
developer tools

Matching GPS traces to a map

Given a GPS trace, how do you find the matching streets in a given road...


Geospatial learning at FOSS4G-NA

FOSS4G-NA 2015 starts today in Burlingame, California, and I could not be more excited. These...

March 09 2015

See you at FOSS4G in San Francisco!

We’re all booked and ready to head to FOSS4G North America next week in San...

March 06 2015
developer tools

Mining probe data

Probe data is the byproduct of sensors and applications: hidden in logs, pings, and metadata...

February 13 2015

Videos from FOSS4G and JS.Geo

The recent open source geo-week in Portland, Oregon was a big hit and we’re happy...

October 03 2014

Come say hi at FOSS4G!

We’re in Portland this week for the FOSS4G conference and will be hitting up JS.geo...

September 09 2014

Look for Us @Foss4GNA Today and Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, Justin, Tom, AJ, Eric and myself are at Foss4GNA in Minneapolis. We’re...

May 22 2013
map design

Improved British Rail Network Icons in MapBox Streets

Today we’ve launched the first step in our efforts to improve transportation symbology in MapBox...

map design

Letter-Spacing in a Multilingual World

On Wednesday at the FOSS4G North America conference here in Washington, DC I spoke about...

April 13 2012

Transcript of Rendering the World Presentation

This is a transcript of my Rendering the World session for anyone who was not...

April 11 2012

FOSS4G: Presenting on the Future of Web Mapping, Cartography, and MapBox Streets

This week we’ll be at the FOSS4G conference here in Washington, DC discussing the current...

April 08 2012

Vote for FOSS4G Sessions

FOSS4G, an open source geospatial conference, is coming to Washington, DC from April 10 to...

March 07 2012