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Mapbox for Kanzi Digital Cockpits

You can now run highly customizable and natively rendered navigation maps in Rightware Kanzi -...

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Navigation and maps for Qt Automotive

The Qt Automotive Suite (Qt 5.9) now ships with vector-based maps and APIs for navigation,...

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Powering maps across all platforms with Mapbox GL

Mapbox GL Native is at the core of our Android and iOS SDKs. It’s written...

September 09 2016
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Creating accurate 3D building shadows in Unity

The new Mantle plugin for Unity, which adds real world terrain and streets to games,...

August 31 2016
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Interactive 3D maps in Unity

Mantle, the game engine plugin for designing 3D maps in Unity, just leaked screenshots of...

August 30 2016
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Mapbox + Unity

We’re building core support for Mapbox in Unity, the game engine used in many games...

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Vector maps on Raspberry Pi and Yocto

Mapbox GL Native now has a layer for Yocto, a tool for creating embedded Linux...

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Qt Framework officially supported

Mapbox GL Native now officially supports Qt, an open-source cross-platform application framework designed to write...

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Mapbox GL running on the Qt Framework

We’ve written Mapbox GL with portability in mind. Last weekend I used a rainy summer...