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Installing Mapbox on your infrastructure

With Atlas Server, you can now run the Mapbox platform on your own infrastructure. Run...


Debanding the world

In 2003 machinery on Landsat 7 broke. This malfunction now causes stark black diagonals across...

developer tools

Developing Open Source Software for Processing Mosaics

We have been extending our satellite mosaicking production infrastructure while working on the next version...


Removing Cloud Shadows

These shadowy shapes (pink arrows) littered on the mountains are cloud shadows. I just added...

December 17 2013

Cloudless Landsat Preview | Rio de Janeiro

We’re processing new Landsat imagery right now, which will add 4 new zoom levels to...

October 15 2013

Cloudless Landsat Preview | Vancouver

We’re working on the next release of Cloudless Atlas, processing thousands upon thousands of huge...


Cloudless Atlas with Landsat

This is a peek at the next release of our Cloudless Atlas release that the...


Huge MapBox Satellite Update: Cloudless Atlas + US & EU Aerial + OpenStreetMap Minutely Updates

As Wired and FastCo just reported, we’ve pushed a huge update to MapBox Satellite today....


Spotting Deforestation from Space – in Madagascar

This is the lower Mangoky river, southwest Madagascar, as seen with the EVI2 vegetation index...

May 09 2013

Tibetan Plateau: Jewel Toned Lakes #CloudlessAtlas

The Tibetan Plateau. The plateau itself is covered in irregular hills, and its western half...

May 06 2013

Land Use Borders in Southwest Africa

The border running east-west near the middle of this image is between Angola (on the...

May 02 2013

Analyzing Infrared Bands with TileMill

We’re using TileMill more and more as an analytical tool, especially as we explore infrared...


At the Edge of the Sahara

A convergence of three ecosystems at the edge of the Sahara: the desert of Sudan...

April 29 2013

Making Clouds Go Away on MapBox Satellite

Chris and I have been working on new techniques to make cloudless, seamless satellite composites....