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map design

Improved code search in Mapbox Studio Classic

The latest version of Mapbox Studio Classic comes with a range of small UI improvements,...

map design

Designing a pencil-drawn style in Mapbox Studio Classic

Pencil is one of the 12 example styles included with Mapbox Studio Classic, providing a...

data & OpenStreetMap

Scaled Data Value Design in TileMill

Scaled data values can ensure that a user’s eyes are drawn to important data points...

March 12 2013

TileMill for Raster Analysis

I’ve previously written about the new raster support TileMill has due to the raster-colorizer functionality,...

March 01 2013

Using TileMill's raster-colorizer

Terrain maps are awesome, but creating them has been at best a complicated six-step process....

February 15 2013

CartoCSS at Tonight's GeoDC Meetup

Tonight’s GeoDC meetup - 7:00 pm at Stetson’s at 16th and U streets - will...

February 06 2013
map design

Learn CartoCSS and Compositing by Customizing Geography Class

TileMill ships with several example projects to give you ideas about how it can be...

October 25 2012