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Welcome, Lingineni Naga Bhavana!

We’re excited to welcome Lingineni Naga Bhavana to the data team! She will be focusing...

June 29 2017

Welcome, Martha Leena Bonula!

We’re thrilled to welcome Martha Leena Bonula to the data team! She will be focusing...

June 27 2017

Welcome, Ashley Ann Mathew!

We’re thrilled to welcome Ashley Ann Mathew to the data team! She will be focusing...

June 16 2017

Oormila Vinod joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Oormila Vinod to the data team! She will be focusing on...

June 14 2017

Welcome, Mugdha Bhattacharya!

Mugdha just joined the Operations team at Mapbox Bangalore, where she’ll focus on building systems...


Kushan Joshi joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Kushan Joshi to Mapbox! Kushan will strengthen our processes for...

January 06 2017

Gokul Ganesan joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Gokul Ganesan to Mapbox! Gokul joins our team to improve OpenStreetMap...

December 12 2016

Join us for the WikiConference India 2016

Join us on the 6th and 7th of August for the WikiConference India 2016 taking...


See you at The Fifth Elephant

Aarthy, Ramya and I are going to be at The Fifth Elephant in Bengaluru on...


Upendra Karukonda joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Upendra Karukonda to our expanding data team in Bengaluru. He...

July 20 2016

Bharata Srinivasa joins Mapbox!

We’re excited to welcome Bharata Srinivasa to the data team! He is a tech and...

July 08 2016

Amisha Singla joins Mapbox!

Join us in welcoming Amisha Singla to the growing engineering team in Bangalore! Amisha is...


OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend at Mapbox Bengaluru

Join us on July 2nd and 3rd in Bengaluru for two full days of mapping...


Satellite workshop at Mapbox Bengaluru

Join us at our Bengaluru office on Friday, June 24 for an introductory session on...


Manohar Erikipati joins Mapbox!

We are excited to welcome Manohar to Mapbox. Manohar joins us to improve OpenStreetMap and...

June 02 2016

Maanya Umashaanker joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Maanya Umashaanker to the data team! Maanya joins us to improve...

June 02 2016

Ajith Ranka joins Mapbox!

A big welcome to Ajith Ranka, who has joined the Mapbox team! Ajith will focus...

May 17 2016

See you at the Open Data Camp happy hour!

On Saturday, May 14th we’ll be at Puma Social Club, Indiranagar after day one of...

data & OpenStreetMap

3 years of editing OpenStreetMap

Our data team is constantly exploring ways to improve the quality and coverage of OpenStreetMap...


Landsat imagery reveals drying reservoirs in Central India

More than a third of India is currently facing drought after two years of deficient...


Make your own cartography game with Mapbox GL at our workshop in Bengaluru!

Join us at our Bengaluru office on April 21 to learn about Mapbox GL’s ability...

data & OpenStreetMap

Developing JOSM plugins for better mapping

The Java OpenStreetMap Editor (JOSM) is our favorite editor for power mapping, and we use...


GeoHorizon 2016, Chennai

We’ll be at GeoHorizon 2016 in Chennai this weekend talking about revolutionizing the mapping industry...


Poornima Badrinath joins Mapbox

A warm welcome to Poornima Badrinath! Poornima is joining our data team to improve OpenStreetMap...

March 28 2016

Mapbox GL JS workshop in Bengaluru

Join us at our Bengaluru office on March 31 to learn about Mapbox GL JS...


Meet us at Dfrost 2016

Mapbox Bengaluru is heading to Dfrost this weekend for what looks like a stimulating line-up...


Krishna Nammala joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Krishna Nammala to the data team! Krishna joins us to improve...

March 11 2016

Bhargav Kowshik joins Mapbox!

We’re thrilled to welcome Bhargav Kowshik to the Mapbox data team. Bhargav will join us...

March 04 2016

Meet us at GeoSmart India 2016

Good morning from GeoSmart India 2016 in Greater Noida! Sanjay and I are in town...


Design workshop with Mapbox Studio

Join us at our Bengaluru office on February 25th to learn map design with the...

map design

Mapping public transit in Bangalore

Buses are Bangalore’s most popular mode of transport. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), one...

data & OpenStreetMap

325,454 new buildings on San Francisco Peninsula

We just finished our building tracing sprint, adding 173,447 building polygons on the San Francisco...


Mumbai's landfill fire captured on Landsat

Three days ago, Mumbai’s largest landfill located in the east caught fire, choking the air...

January 31 2016
data & OpenStreetMap

Tracking conversations in OpenStreetMap

Mapbox contributes extensively to OpenStreetMap, and frequently interacts with the OpenStreetMap community through comments on...

data & OpenStreetMap

A year of improving OpenStreetMap with map feedback

Have you ever noticed the “Improve this map” link at the bottom of Mapbox maps?...


Oindrila Gupta joins Mapbox

Oindrila Gupta is the newest member of our data team in Bangalore. She will be...

August 19 2015

Ramya Ragupathy Joins Mapbox

Ramya is the newest team member of our data team. She will be focusing on...

May 12 2015

Mapping for earthquake response in Nepal

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has activated to support crisis response in Nepal after yesterday’s earthquake....


Chethan Gowda joins Mapbox

Chethan has joined our data team in Bangalore! He will help us add improved content...

April 22 2015

Open Data Camp Bangalore

We’ll be at Open Data Camp Bangalore this weekend learning about leveraging open data in...


Let's talk maps at FOSS4G Bangalore

The Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP) at the Indian Institute of...


Bengaluru office opening party February 26!

We’ve been heads down over the past months setting up shop in the tech capital...

February 14 2015

Make a map Bengaluru!

Come out to our new office in Bengaluru on Saturday, February 28th for an afternoon...


Join team Bengaluru

We are growing the Mapbox team in Bengaluru and we’re looking for individuals who love...

November 06 2014

Namaste India!

We’re heading to India in November. Alex, Eric and I will attend Open Data Camp...