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Inauguramos Mapbox Perú el 17 de Marzo

Les invitamos a la fiesta de inauguración oficial de Mapbox Perú. Tenemos muchos años de...

March 05 2015

Growing our data team in Peru

The doors to our new office in Ayacucho, Peru are officially open! Our data team...

January 12 2015
data & OpenStreetMap

Making Ayacucho the best map in Latin America

These past weeks our data team took a break from improving OpenStreetMap all around the...


Richman Pariona joins Mapbox

Richman Pariona joins the Mapbox data team! Before Richman joined he was researching traffic patterns...

September 18 2014
data & OpenStreetMap

Mapas Dinámicos Rápidos con OpenStreetMap, MapBox.js y Google Spreadsheets

The Desarrollando América Latina hackathons are about to kick off this weekend. Here is a...