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Super high-res New Zealand aerial imagery

New Zealand is so beautiful that it’s hard to get imagery that does it justice....


Seamless, cloudless, haze-free DigitalGlobe +Vivid

DigitalGlobe is uploading petabytes of some of the most beautiful imagery we’ve ever seen. With...


Weather data pipeline

Today we staged our weather processing pipeline for internal testing. Our pipeline converts any live...


Landsat-live goes live

Today we’re releasing the first edition of Landsat-live, a map that is constantly refreshed with...


BlackBridge country mosaics on Atlas Server

All full-country imagery mosaics from BlackBridge can now plug into Atlas Server. You can be...


Upload twice as much imagery with BigTIFF

In January we increased the file upload limit for imagery from 260 MB to 4...


World Agriculture Expo

I’m Tulare-bound today, headed to the World Agriculture Expo to talk with farmers, agtech software...

February 11 2015
map design

Atmospheric river

View full screen map A moisture-laden atmospheric river is aimed at the Pacific Coast and...


SF drones and mapping GeoMeetup

Will and I are speaking at tomorrow's SF GeoMeetup on drones, mapping, and our new...

map design

Make a snowfall map

On the East Coast we’re all suffering from dry skin, a lack of Vitamin D,...


Airbus imagery uploads

Our friends at Airbus offer a myriad of medium and high resolution imagery products that...


Blackbridge imagery uploads

With five identical 5-meter resolution RapidEye satellites and one day revisit time, our friends at...


Upload massive satellite and drone imagery

You can now upload massive TIFFs to your account – up to 4 GB...

January 22 2015
map design

Dark Sky Weather Data

Earlier this week I imported satellite weather data into Mapbox Studio Classic, making snapshots of...

developer tools

DroneDeploy powered by Mapbox Upload API

DroneDeploy’s cloud-based drone management and imagery processing makes it simple to plan a mapping mission,...


Imagery from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 — now live on Mapbox Satellite

The new imagery coming down from WorldView-3, the satellite that DigitalGlobe launched only two weeks...

data & OpenStreetMap

Creating Maps From Drone Imagery

On a beautiful day in Berkeley, the Mapbox team met up with 3D Robotics to...

April 04 2014

Satellite Imagery Directly → Mapbox

Skybox is building direct Mapbox integration into their new BusBoy platform.


Visualizing NDVI for Agriculture

NDVI is a common measure in remote sensing for agriculture — capturing how much more...

data & OpenStreetMap

Drone Imagery for OpenStreetMap

Last weekend we captured 100 acres of aerial imagery at 4cm resolution. It took less...


Making Clouds Go Away on MapBox Satellite

Chris and I have been working on new techniques to make cloudless, seamless satellite composites....