Update: Visit www.mapbox.com/tableau for details on our Tableau maps integration.

This week Tableau announces full Mapbox integration, making any Mapbox map available as a canvas for your Tableau visualizations. No code required.

Mapbox’s custom cartography, data tools, and live-updating base maps bring a new level of geo insight to Tableau’s powerful business intelligence platform. The new integration is smooth, with no need to hack your Tableau .tms files. Open Tableau’s map tab, select Add Mapbox Map, drop in the map ID for your custom map or select one of our hand-crafted base maps. Then paste your Mapbox API token, and your map is live in Tableau.

Check out what Tableau users and Zen Masters have already built:

San Francisco crime data visualization by Zen Masters Anya A’Hearn, Jeff Shaffer, and Allan Walker.

Traffic accidents in Singapore by Tableau user Russell Christoper.

Tableau user Niccolo Cirone mapped his global travels on a custom Mapbox map.

Cell phone coverage in West Africa by Craig Bloodworth, Anya A’Hearn, and Allan Walker.

Joel Stellner and Tableau Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer organized peripatetic videos of London.

If you don’t have a Mapbox account, you can get started with a free plan. Track me down me at the Tableau Conference this week or at irwin@mapbox.com for discounted access to a paid Mapbox plan. And make sure to check out Anya and Allan’s conference session Wednesday, October 21 titled Mapbox Fabulousness in Tableau: Lessons from a Zen Master.

Hit us up on Twitter @Mapbox and @Tableau to show us what you’re building with Mapbox and Tableau Public.