We’re in Austin, TX this week to show new 3D maps and data in Tableau.

Tableau already integrates Mapbox natively for powerful, customizable maps in your viz. Mapbox can offer even more for your viz with Mapbox GL JS, an open-source javascript library we created to render vector maps. Mapbox GL JS unlocks big geo data with vector tiles, point clustering, linestring and polygon rendering, zoom-level style changes, and 3D.

The Tableau JavaScript API works with Mapbox GL JS to filter, highlight, zoom, and pass data from your Tableau dashboard to your map. You can even drill down to street-level to see 3D-building detail.

This visualization shows pedestrian and bicyclist incidents in New York City, embedding a Mapbox vector map with 3D buildings in a Tableau dashboard.

The integration between Mapbox GL JS and Tableau takes only a few lines of code:

viz.addEventListener(tableau.TableauEventName.MARKS_SELECTION, onMarksSelection);
function onMarksSelection(marks) {
    markName = marks[0].getPairs()[0].fieldName
    markValue = marks[0].getPairs()[0].value
    // Sync the selected Tableau mark with the Mapbox GL JS map
    map.setFilter('my-layer', ['==', markName, markValue])

Mapbox GL JS and Tableau JS Integration

Want to learn about the new mapping capabilities in Tableau? Check out our events page for details on where and when to find me, Matt, or Max; and come by these Mapbox sessions:

We’ll also be at Handlebar on Tuesday night starting at 7:00pm CT to watch the election results roll in. Swing by, but only after you’ve voted! First round’s on Mapbox.