Imagine the zombie apocalypse has hit today and all you’re left with is a butter knife, 100 pieces of ammo, and MapBox maps. Your favorite local haunts have become havens for the belligerent undead, who stand between you and the necessary tools for survival.

This is the world of Map of the Dead, a new iPhone game launched today by the creative design firm Doejo. We spoke to Jeff Merrick from Doejo, who stated that aside from design control, there was another very real factor that made Doejo choose MapBox:

“We switched to MapBox as we found it was the only reliable post-apocalyptic map available”

Jeff Merrick, creator of Map of the Dead

Map of the Dead leverages the MapBox iOS SDK (which recently reached 1.0.0) and our OpenStreetMap-based maps in a way that nicely showcases the level of design control that MapBox offers. Take a look at these screenshots.

This is a peek of the neighborhood around MapBox headquarters on Map of the Dead – points of interest are courtesy of Foursquare.

A map of what used to be Washington DC, tinted with MapBox Streets. The fine horizontal lines are a great in-app addition.


Download Map of the Dead today! And if you’d like to build your own offline-capable iOS apps, check out the MapBox iOS SDK and feel free to contact us for help, either at or on Twitter at @MapBox.