With Mapbox Studio, creating a quick map visualization is fast and easy. Let’s make a shakemap.

Step 1: Download the data

Data for the recent 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan is available from USGS. In this case, you’re looking for Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) in Shapefile form (under “GIS Files”).

Step 2: Create a new map and upload your data

The light and dark templates are great for visualizations. Let's go with light for this map.

Upload the quake data from the data tab and wait a few seconds for it to be processed.

Step 3: Define and style the earthquake layers

Each shaded ring is defined by a separate layer in Mapbox Studio. Create a new fill layer, select your dataset (PGA), and apply a filter. You’ll want to filter the data by the peak acceleration, which ranges from 0.02 to 0.18. Add a filter, select the “PARAMVALUE” field, and toggle 0.18. Then create the layer and apply a fill color.

Repeat these steps to create a new layer for each value in the data to complete your map.

Mapbox Studio is in beta. Interested in early access? Get on the list!