On every Mapbox map you will see an “Improve this map” link, letting anyone quickly share feedback and make the map better. We’ve now made it even simpler to submit feedback — reducing the number of clicks needed to let us know what’s wrong from four to two. All submissions help improve underlying OpenStreetMap data. Based on popular request, we’ve also moved a direct edit button back to the first screen for fast click-through directly to OpenStreetMap.

Map feedback interface 2.0

The simplifications are all designed to gather as much feedback as possible. Submissions range from issues related to technical errors to general mapping tasks. Here are a couple examples:

There are a bunch of streets that run north-south missing between Holly St.and Monaco St. There’s also another cross street between 6th and 8th - it’s Severn St. and it runs east-west from Dahlia St. to Monaco Pkwy.

Spelling feedback is quite common:

This is misspelled. It should be Seneca, like the golf course below it.

We’re using Zapier to turn submissions into tickets on a Github issue queue that our data team is subscribed to.

If feedback can be addressed by our team, we update OpenStreetMap directly. If local knowledge is required, we post a note on OpenStreetMap instead to solicit help from the greater community. You can help building the best map in the world by making sure your Mapbox map carries the “Improve this map” link.

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