Strava athletes can now see their outdoor activities on satellite maps with beautiful, high-resolution imagery, OpenStreetMap data, and detailed elevation information. The satellite maps are part of Strava’s new outdoor maps, designed for runners and cyclists to plan and share their activities online.

Ocean-view ride in New Plymouth.

All the details in these maps are fine-tuned to showcase activity routes and their surroundings. Crisp black road lines overlaid on top of imagery make road networks highly visible:

Roads in Sydney.

Distinct styling for high-traffic roads and paths help differentiate these from other roads:

Interstate 90 in Missoula.

Paths in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.

Contours are helpful in areas where hills are hard to see, either because they’re gently sloped or hidden under heavy foliage, snow, or buildings:

Terrain around San Bruno Mountain, San Mateo.

Terrain around Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

Labels are styled as large, bold text with heavy halos and tight letter-spacing, so they’re legible even over high-contrast imagery and dense contour lines:

Labels against high-contrast imagery in California.

Above all, road lines, contours, and labels are all designed to enhance – not overshadow – the imagery of beautiful environments that motivates athletes to get outside.

South Mountain Preserve, Phoenix.