The maps you create in Mapbox Studio shine when they’re integrated into apps and websites with Mapbox GL JS & Mapbox Mobile. These SDKs provide a rich experience with fast zooming & panning. But if you just want to embed an image in an email or blog, or if you need a static view of a map for print, you just need an image. Today we’re launching image export for Mapbox Studio.

In February, we launched the new Mapbox Static API, which lets you use Mapbox Studio maps everywhere, as both static images and tiles. This is great for developers, but we wanted to make it even easier to use maps as images - to make this API feature as easy to use as anything else in Mapbox Studio.

From the style view page, there is a new link to ‘Generate static image’.

You can configure the view interactively like any other map, or manually enter coordinates and a zoom level to be precise.

As you update the map location, the Static Image API URL updates automatically. What’s really cool about this feature is that it doesn’t just take a screenshot of the map: when you embed the image using our Static API, the map will update as OpenStreetMap’s data improves or you publish changes to your map style.

Interested in high resolution, print quality maps? Contact us.