Over the next two days a good portion of the MapBox team is headed to San Francisco for OpenStreetMap’s annual U.S. conference. This year’s State of the Map US conference has come together to be one of the year’s premier geo events - which is incredibly exciting as it’s center entirely on expanding open geo data and improving OpenStreetMap as the leading resource for it.

State of the Map US will be the largest gathering around OpenStreetMap ever - almost doubling the size of last year’s US conference in Portland. The diversity of attendees is pretty astounding. People are coming from technology companies like craigslist and foursquare using OpenStreetMap data in their applications, satellite companies looking toward open data, government agencies like the Census contributing to OpenStreetMap, schools and universities teaching how to use and edit the map, and from all over the geo space. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone, finding out what got them interested in OpenStreetMap, and seeing how together we can create the best global map there is.

The conference itself should be a blast. Our team will be leading workshops and sessions throughout the weekend, and of course a presence at the parties and happy hours planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. We’ll also have a table in the main Atrium - stop by for a demo of iD editor, TileMill 2, our latest cloudless satellite imagery, MapBox Earth 3D maps, plus a few new things we have up our sleeves.

To get in touch with anyone on our team, hit us up on Twitter at @mapbox - we’d love to talk. Also look for Alex and myself in the hallways and exhibit area, where we’ll be making sure that everything goes off without a hitch.