The annual US-based OpenStreetMap conference took place this weekend in San Francisco, bringing out 380+ people to connect over OpenStreetMap. A good crew from MapBox was there talking about the iD editor, vector tiles, OpenStreetMap design, the OpenStreetMap data report, and much more. We will post videos and slides from those talks later this week.

I served as the official photographer of the event and got some great shots of the weekend’s activities. Below is a quick look at the MapBox team at State of the Map US. Check out the full set from the conference over on Flickr.

Tom kicking off his talk on the iD editor for OpenStreetMap.

Alex and Megan Lawrence in a session, with Ansis in the background.

Saman talking about the redesign.

Bonnie listening in on a session with Michal Migurski and Aaron Straup Cope.

Artem talking about the latest version of Mapnik.

Eric shows Bronwyn Agrios the iPad app.

Ian demos TileMill and MapBox Satellite to Taichi Furuhashi and Satoshi Iida.

Bobby in a birds of a feather session on TileMill.

Quick team scrum with Saman, Bonnie, and Ian.

(All photos were taken by Justin Miller. You can see more of his photography at Mallorn Imagery.)