We are more than excited to attend the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco later this month! Not only is the theme of this summit right up our alley (Space, Science, Hardware, and More), but it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with other people, organizations, and companies who support women and queer communities in tech.

I’m looking forward to joining ten of my colleagues at the event, and to learning, becoming empowered, and finding more ways to support fellow women and queer women on my team and in the broader tech space.

Lesbians Who Tech is doing amazing things for the tech community. In addition to putting on one of the coolest conferences I’ve ever heard of, they are bringing together some of the most supportive and innovative people and organizations into one inclusive space. They’re sparking conversations around leadership, growth and increasing awareness of the work of talented women, which I can’t wait to listen to and join in on.

Tickets and scholarships to attend the summit are still available. Come join us!