The State of the Map Portland conference kicks off this morning with 225+ people gathering to talk about open mapping, making it one of the largest OpenStreetMap gatherings to date.

There are more than 50 sessions on the schedule about everything from cartography to data processing to how (and why) companies like Flickr and foursquare use OpenStreetMap. If you aren’t in Portland, you can watch the conference live and check back for recordings of all sessions.

One of the best parts about gatherings like this are the conversations, and some of the most interesting ones happen at night over drinks. To help facilitate them and just have a good time, the U.S. OpenStreetMap Foundation is throwing a big party tonight at the industrial space The Refuge. There will be a spread of empanada-sized savory and dessert pies from Pacific Pie Company, and an open bar all night with local microbrews from the Deschutes Brewery, classic American beer (Bud Light), wine, and cocktails. Once the open bar kicks in, expect a dance off - Dance Dance Revolution style. Plan to join us starting at 6:30 and going late.

For updates and photos from the conference and the party, follow along on Twitter at #sotmpdx and watch us for updates at @MapBox.