The full schedule for next month’s State of the Map USA conference (October 13-14, Portland, OR) is out and features more than 50 sessions on using OpenStreetMap, contributing to, and advancing the project. This is a great time to bring the community together with the increased attention OpenStreetMap has been getting with the disappointing release of Apple’s Maps app, the announcement of significant funding to improve OpenStreetMap contribution tools, and the successful international conference earlier this month in Tokyo.

I blogged previously about the sessions we’ll be presenting and about some main highlights, but wanted to point out a few other key sessions that I’m excited to attend. You can see the full schedule here.

We’ll also do a joint presentation with Chris Barr from the Knight Foundation on why they’re funding improvements to OpenStreetMap’s core infrastructure and what we plan to build.

In addition to these sessions, there will be a concurrent unconference track, allowing space to cover topics as they come up. We’ll also be teaming up with the folks from WhereCamp for one day, and the cross conversations there should be interesting.

Check out the full list attendees, and register before it’s too late.