The third edition of State of the Map Japan is happening on August 6th at Tokyo. Mapbox is proud to sponsor the largest OpenStreetMap conference in Japan. The theme of the conference this year is “リレーション” or “relations” - fostering stronger partnerships between various users of the map.

The OpenStreetMap community in Japan at State of the Map last year. CC-by-sa Ikiya

The previous year has seen a strong growth in the OpenStreetMap data of Japan, with over 650,000 km of new roads and 2.4 million buildings added to the map by the mapping community driven by an increased interest in using open data for disaster preparedness and research.

The conference will have talks from representatives of the community and industry including OSGeo Japan, Hitachi, Esri Japan, Georepublic, Mapillary, Wheelmap Project, covering a range of topics for innovative uses of the map data for local context. Tickets are free. It’s a must attend if you are a lover of Japan and maps.