Building the whole mapping stack

By Eric Gundersen on June 17 2015

Building the whole mapping stack

We're creating the building blocks for a complete mapping stack. This extends way beyond a map. Today we closed $52.55 million in Series B financing to enable us to expand this stack, continue building amazing technology, and hire the best people in the world to do it. We're going to grow across all teams, from engineering and data to operations and business.

This is more than just creating the best mapping platform: we embrace open source, invest in open data communities, and make a positive impact every step of the way. We're building tools that are going to change how people move around cities, how scientists understand the planet, and how applications do anything with location.

This team has the grit to build the whole stack. We bootstrapped the company mapping elections in Afghanistan, tracking malaria in central Africa, and working with the World Bank to open its data -- these roots are why we build. By the time we took our first round of outside capital, the team was already 30 strong and was powering all the maps on Foursquare. Working together like this for so many years creates a foundation. And it has been awe-inspiring to build on this foundation, watching the team triple in just the last 18 months and seeing our core culture strengthen with each new teammate.

Who we chose as investors influences all of this. Our backers are taking the long view. They understand how location is fundamental to every app today and look to a future of connected sensors and realtime data streams. This is about investing in core infrastructure that powers the future of location data. DFJ Growth led this round, and Randy Glein will be joining our board. Foundry Group is following on their series A investment. DBL Partners is investing from their new fund, with Ira Ehrenpreis joining our board. We're also excited to have Thrive Capital, Pritzker Group, Promus Ventures, and Jon Winkelried, the former President of Goldman Sachs, join the team. This unique combination of partners brings incredible perspective to help us scale in every way.

And now back to building.