Tonight’s GeoDC meetup - 7:00 pm at Stetson’s at 16th and U streets - will look at styling, scaling, processing, and analyzing large geodata sets.

Tom will present on CartoCSS, the map styling language that’s central MapBox tools like TileMill, as well as those from Vizzuality, and coming soon to OpenStreetMap’s systems. CartoCSS resembles CSS, and makes it easy, fast, and powerful to design maps through coding. Check out this primer from Tom and expect to see how it works and a lot of examples of what’s possible when using CartoCSS.

There are three other talks on the lineup:

  • Robin Kraft will talk about scaling big geodata in a deforestation alerting tool he built using Hadoop for data processing and CartoDB for visualization.

  • Lee De Cola will show how the R language can manage, analyze, and visualize point, raster and polygon data.

  • Charlie Greenbacker will demo CLAVIN, an open source software library for extracting and resolving geographic entities from unstructured text and show how it can be used for geospatial analytics on big data.

More information on the GeoDC meetup is available the meetup listing. The group meets once a month on the first Wednesday of the month. Follow @geo_dc and join the meetup group for updates.

Hope to see you tonight!