A unique feature of our new MapBox Satellite layer is unlimited offline caching on mobile devices. No one else in the industry is doing this. All users of our iOS SDK will be able to use MapBox Satellite imagery entirely offline, including the new updates coming in early 2013 as part of our work with DigitalGlobe.

Using the automatic, built-in offline caching functionality in our SDK, you can treat the beautiful new satellite maps like any other - caching them on the client for as long as you wish. This is great for apps like Bass Pro Shops MyGuide: Hunt, not only allowing terrain use but actual aerial photography even when off the grid.

To get started just signup for free, download the iOS SDK, and try out one of our example iOS apps, including MapBox Me, which includes a MapBox Satellite example already built in.

We are constantly working on new features and functionality, as well as innovative ways to enable their use in all sorts of apps. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or open a support ticket if you have any questions or ideas for new ways of your own to make the best use of our tools.