Today launched new maps with tens of thousands of new trails on top of detailed terrain with elevation data – exactly how runners want to see their activity mapped. The new details are all from Monday’s release of Mapbox Outdoors – our new terrain map designed for those who go off the beaten path, focusing on trails, topography, hillsides, mountain peaks, creeks, and other natural features.

Not only are the maps perfect for outdoor runners, they match the exact style of RunKeeper, taking advantage of the vector customization that allows designers to change colors, fonts, and labels to match style guidelines. The labels use RunKeeper’s brand font, Avenir. The colors of the water, terrain, and land were updated to match their color palette. The styling of buildings and POIs are more subtle to highlight the roads. Roads are now orange to match the RunKeeper brand and differentiate from the red route that tracks your run.

The change to the new maps involved updating one line of code in Mapbox.js. And if you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to check out how we built Mapbox Outdoors.