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Visit the documentation page at Customizing Mapbox Map Colors and Styles.

We’ve just relaunched one of MapBox’s most powerful features: custom styles for MapBox Streets. The node.js core of our editor has gotten a complete rewrite from Dane Springmeyer with fast image adjustment that preserves color and tonal richness. Two dozen color presets and eight new styles for MapBox Satellite capture combinations of settings and colors that you can use as a starting point for creating your own designs.

Preset panel

The new panel design represents each preset as a swatch of color and a palette of the major tones. We’ve worked hard to capture a wide range of visual styles. Presets like Printshop, Doug, and Citron use complementary color schemes, while Grape soda, Mapboy, and Melon capture subtle variations within a tight range of hues. Striking, high-contrast styles like Underworld, and Straightedge show different ways to define strong edges between negative and positive spaces. Finally, the classic MapBox presets for data visualization Light and Graphite return, joined by Stencil, a new preset featuring transparency to allow data to be visualized underneath the main layers.

Printshop, Doug, Citron

Printshop, Doug, Citron incorporate complementary colors.

Grape soda, Mapboy, Melon

Grape soda, Mapboy, Melon stick to a limited range of hues.

Underworld, Straightedge

High contrast styles like Underworld and Straightedge add definition to land, water, and road shapes.

Unprecedented customization of aerial imagery

MapBox users on the Basic plan and above now have access to eight new MapBox Satellite presets. The rewritten color adjustment system allows you to customize our satellite imagery with greater flexibility. Afternoon captures the warm glow of the late day sun, Friendly brightens colors and contrast, and Rainy day mutes and chills the colors of our imagery. We’ve also included presets that demonstrate some wild visual possibilities. Ian Villeda’s electrifying style Lightsaber applies a TRON-like aesthetic to any part of the world. Technicolor pulls out all the stops with searing otherworldly colors.

Afternoon, Friendly

Adjust the tone and brightness of MapBox Satellite.

Lightsaber, Technicolor

See aerial imagery in a completely new light with custom styles for MapBox Satellite.

Try it now

We can’t wait to see what MapBox users do with these new tools. Jump right into our map editor now and get started.