Alex and I will be at this weekend’s Reinvent Green Hackathon in New York City to help attendees make maps and data visualizations. In preparation we have rendered several of the suggested datasets from the New York City open data portal.

These layers may be useful out of the box for your project, or you may wish to tweak them and combine them with other datasources. The TileMill projects we used to create these layers are all available for download on GitHub. To get started working with these layers download TileMill and head over to the help section. If you’re simply in need of a fast street level map, take a look at MapBox Streets. NYC City-wide GIS has also pulled together some useful maps and suggestions that I recommend checking out.

Alex and I will be available for questions and hands on help during the hackathon’s “office hours” on Saturday morning and throughout the weekend. If you have any questions before then, you can find me on Twitter at @ian_villeda.

Cool roof buildings

There are over 200 cool roof buildings in New York City. This newly opened dataset identifies them by street address and geo location (Source).

Street trees

A census of street trees by borough yielded datasets with a total of 623,939 trees (Source). This map contains all boroughs except Staten Island.

Green streets

Small planted areas that are maintained as Greenstreets (Source).

Building perimeter outlines

Rich dataset containing over one million building footprints of New York City. Here we’ve colored them by footprint area (Source).

School zones

Elementary and middle school zones of New York City (Source).


You can now find these maps and two more under