We're launching MapBox Satellite Live later this summer. This new service will provide instant access to timely satellite imagery from anywhere in the world, directly through MapBox.com. We are currently building out the direct pipeline from the satellites, optimizing the processing workflows to ensure that the imagery moves as quickly as possible from our network of satellites → ground stations → MapBox.com. Our goal is to have live imagery for publishing within 6 hours of an event, anywhere in the world.

MapBox Satellite Live data pipeline

Not only do we make it easy to publish in minutes, but having MapBox Satellite Live directly as part of your MapBox.com account means you have instant scale for millions of viewers - which is critical for our large media partners. We are also hearing a lot of interest for this imagery behind paywalls, using MapBox's default SSL.

We will be opening up a private beta testing program to selected partners in early August. If you have questions ping me @hrwgc or Dave @dhcole.