We’ve written Mapbox GL with portability in mind. Last weekend I used a rainy summer day to prove the point and integrated Mapbox GL into the popular Qt framework.

Getting vector tiles rendered in a QOpenGLWindow was very straightforward and took only a few lines of code. Qt is taking GL very seriously and everything I needed was there.

Lots of cool stuff can be done from this:

  • We can combine QMapboxGL with the more desktop centric QtWidgets. Why not pinpoint in a map as we type an address in a text input?
  • Use QPropertyAnimation for panning the map using different easing curves to get smooth transitions when setting a new location.
  • A QtQuick component is already in the works, can’t wait to see QMapboxGL on embedded devices with a nice UI.

And of course, it is all open source. You can find QMapboxGL with examples and build instructions on GitHub.