PubNub, known for its low-latency secure messaging on every device, recently made Mapbox tools available on its API BLOCKS. PubNub powers thousands of realtime apps around the world, from start-ups to globally recognized brands. Its BLOCKS makes the network programmable, executing application logic on data as it passes over the network.

Check out our geocoding, directions, and static map APIs so you can build real-time, performant applications for people to look up addresses, get directions, and show their routes on a map – or maybe even for tracking real-time flights – into your PubNub projects.


Check out PubNub’s API BLOCKS to see what’s new. Or explore other examples of how we power logistics applications and sign up for a Mapbox account to see our tools for yourself.

PS - Build with PubNub and Mapbox at the TechCrunch Disrupt London Hackathon! PubNub will be challenging hackers to build a Marauder’s Map, with dynamic user location and the ability to turn a user’s visibility on or off. Tap into the PubNub BLOCKS integration with Mapbox for realtime geolaction tracking and Mapbox’s extensive vector map infrastructure.