Every real estate site needs a map, but most property maps show cluttered pins on small thumbnail maps that don’t help people understand what it is that makes that location special. People want to be able to quickly understand where all the listings are across the city before digging into the areas they’d most like to buy or rent.

Context about schools, grocery stores, and public transportation are critical factors when house hunting and baking this information into the map experience removes friction. The fact is that few real estate listings get this right.

Our huge list of Mapbox.js examples is helpful for demonstrating how easy it is to select the map components that you need to quickly build your own awesome app. Here’s an app I built this week that uses a handful of our examples:

If you’re a real estate company, you’ll want to help your clients find their next home out of the hundreds on the market. To make it easy to quickly see properties on the map, you’ll want to cluster markers together in neighborhoods. Zoom in to custom markers, then use tooltips to quickly give a peek into what the home looks like.

Again, context is important, so when the client digs in, show them how much time it will take to travel to nearby points of interest. If it’s a hilly neighborhood, a quick elevation chart will show them what they’re in for.

Maps aren’t one-size-fits-all — we’re all about laying out exactly the right bricks for you to build with. Check out Mapbox.js examples to get a few ideas for your own project.