This feature has been updated

Visit the documentation page at Adding data features and polygons to your Mapbox map.

Today you can draw and annotate maps in a whole new way with your MapBox account: we’ve added tools for polygon and line features, along with user-friendly styling options and more powerful import.

We’re building something that’s informed by our work on and iD: a simple tool for people who need to think and work spatially. We want farmers to easily track crop areas, and for crisis responders to know where to go.

It should be easy to share your marathon route or favorite places to sightsee.

And everyone should have access: so we’re launching this feature for all paid account levels, and free users can create up to 20 non-point features a map.

This is powered by open source - Leaflet.draw is at the core of the drawing behavior, while a constellation of small open-source libaries by Mapbox and others handle everything from format conversion to parsing sexagesimal notation.