We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with our pledge for parity. We pledge to:

  • help women and girls achieve their ambitions
  • challenge conscious and unconscious bias
  • call for gender-balanced leadership
  • value all people’s contributions equally
  • create inclusive, flexible cultures

Mapbox Ayacucho

Mapbox Ayacucho pledges for parity

Mapbox Bangalore

Mapbox Bangalore pledges for parity

Mapbox DC

Mapbox DC pledges for parity

Mapbox SF

Mapbox SF pledges for parity

To support our pledge we will:

  • continue to sponsor women in tech communities and attend events like DCFemTech, Lesbians Who Tech, TechLady hackathons, ProjectCSGirls, ELA Conf, and many more
  • stand by our code of conduct for open source
  • support mapping efforts like crowd2map Tanzania’s map against female genital mutilation and other causes to help women and girls
  • hire for people, not just hard skills, knowing the best team is built of individuals from many backgrounds
  • grow our team through mentorship, teaching, and challenging each other
  • demand respect, transparency, empathy, and kindness from our team and partners
  • follow team policies that clarify and hold us accountable to all of the above

Join us in helping achieve gender parity more quickly with a pledge for parity! Post your selfie on Twitter and cc @Mapbox - we’ll retweet you.