We’re headed to Phocuswright in Los Angeles on Nov 14-17 to talk travel and tech, and Sean, Noemi and I would love to meet you!

We’ll be demoing what we’ve built for mobile apps, booking sites, and online travel agencies. Whether you’re customizing your travel app, visualizing millions of rows of hotel booking data, or tracking airline flights in real time, our location platform will help you build what you need.

Keep reading for a preview of what we’ll be sharing next week at our booth (#70). Can’t wait? Email Noemi at noemi@mapbox.com to set up a meeting time.

Take maps anywhere

No cell service? No problem. Our Mapbox mobile SDKs ship with offline maps, maintaining your app’s performance while offline. With our pre-cached map styles, tiles, and other map assets, your users can still use your app’s maps even when they experience connectivity issues and bad cell service traveling the world.

Fast mobile maps

Our maps render quickly, powering fast searches and increasing conversions. We’re able to serve those tiles so fast because our vector tiles are 15 to 20 times smaller than competing SDKs, reducing data transfer and data storage while increasing render speed.

Solve the international roaming problem

Our global mapping infrastructure is powered by a network of Amazon Web Services edge servers, including 20 servers in China, which are set up to reduce latency to users around the world.

Runtime styling changes maps on the fly

We’re bringing the style customization power of Mapbox Studio to mobile with runtime styling, which allows you to edit, add, and remove mobile map features on the fly. In the map below, runtime styling powers a dynamic foot-traffic map showing changing patterns in real-time:

Want to see this in action? Check out what our travel customers like Lonely Planet and National Geographic have already built with our mapping platform.

The Lonely Planet Guides app is packed with tips and advice from the experts to help you get to the heart of your destination. Filter and bookmark places or browse the custom map online and offline, all on top of the Mapbox iOS SDK.

National Geographic’s City Guides app helps travelers experience four of the world’s most iconic cities: London, Paris, Rome, and New York. Also built with the Mapbox SDK for iOS, City Guides has features for curated point-by-point walks, customizable itineraries, and contextual photo galleries.

See you in Los Angeles!