This week the Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) saw a new release 4.9.1 (following 4.9.0). The 4.9 versions are focused on internal restructuring to enable future improvements. Among the changes you may notice are improved coordinate snapping and results reliability.

When we rolled out the release to Mapbox Directions, we also included the following changes:

  • The Distance and Map Matching APIs now expose better error handling. All response bodies have a machine-validateable code key. If there was an error, the message key holds a human-readable error message. Read more on the Distance API and Map Matching API Error Documentation.
  • For the Map Matching API we have decreased the sensitivity of the gps_precision parameter. If you notice traces that previously matched now return NoMatch results, please increase the gps_precision query parameter to a value higher than 5.

Let us know how the improved Mapbox Directions is working for you, via Email or Twitter.