This weekend Tristen and I are attending the OpenStreetMap hacking event in Toronto, organized by Richard Weait and hosted by Ryerson University. Over a dozen people have RSVPed so far and we’re excited to get together.

OpenStreetMap hack weekends are events that bring together community members to tackle programming, design, and documentation tasks for the OpenStreetMap project. The focus is on improving the tools we use to access, edit, and display the map data.

This afternoon starting at 2:00 pm there will be an introductory presentation for Ryerson students, faculty, and anyone who is curious to learn more about OpenStreetMap followed by a roundtable Q&A session. Richard Weait will lead the presentation, outlining various aspects of the project, and questions will be fielded by some of the OpenStreetMappers who are already in town for the hack weekend (including myself and Tristen).

The hacking will happen on Saturday and Sunday. Tristen and I will likely focus on graphics and web interface work, and I may tackle some cartography and Mapnik related tasks as well. Some of this work was already started at the recent OpenStreetMap hack weekend in DC, and a number of the same attendees will be in Toronto as well so we will be able to keep the momentum and continue conversations here.

You can follow me and Tristen on Twitter for updates throughout the event. And if you’re in the Toronto area and are interested in OpenStreetMap you can join us! Full details are on the OpenStreetMap wiki.