Our friends at the OpenStreetMap Foundation, the largest open geographic database in the world, are asking for help to support their critical work. Let’s get OpenStreetMap to its €70,000 goal! Mapbox will match the next ‎€10,000 in contributions. Visit the fundraising site to contribute. Our donations will help cover OpenStreetMap’s core operational expenses.

We are proud to support this funding drive as part of our commitment to the OpenStreetMap Foundation. OpenStreetMap is a project founded on the belief that when data is open then everyone can work together to build the map. More than two million volunteers from across the globe contribute to the project, providing a free and open data set for everyone. Whether you’re a corporation, a grassroots health NGO, or a mapping company like us, you can depend on OpenStreetMap for exceptional data.

Be a part of this large and growing movement. Donate to the funding drive, learn how to contribute data to OpenStreetMap, and share the fundraising page on Twitter!


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