This year the OpenStreetMap US community is conducting a census! They want to learn more about who is mapping, why they’re doing it, and how to continue growing and nurturing the community.

If you contribute to OpenStreetMap please take the survey – it only takes a few minutes.

Over the years there have been many questions related to the composition of the OpenStreetMap community. Right now they only know as much as is made available on OpenStreetMap user profiles. This is valuable information but there is so much more!

In response they are kicking off an “OpenStreetMap US Census” where you can contribute a little bit of information about yourself to help them better understand who is mapping, where, and when. They want to find out things like gender identification, ethnic backgrounds, and whether you map as part of your jobs or if you are mostly hobbyists. Most importantly, they want to learn about what motivates you to map!

All data will be made available to the OpenStreetMap US community in ways that shed light on some of these issues while protecting the privacy of you and your mapping.

Be a part of growing a better OpenStreetMap US community by participating in the survey!