OSCON, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention, kicked off today for a full week of presentations and training on the latest open source software. We’ll be there in Portland talking about and teaching people how to use open source tools to design custom maps and share them both on and offline.

Tomorrow Dane is leading a training on our web mapping toolset, showing step by step how to make beautiful, fast, and interactive maps. He’ll start with a discussion around how web mapping works in general, discussing everything from data processing and designing map tiles, to rendering systems, and JavaScript frameworks. He’ll then dive into a hands on walk on how to design maps using TileMill, showing how to go from a spreadsheet of data to a custom designed map, as well as discussing its inner workings such as Mapnik and node.js. The State of the Art Web Mapping with Open Source training is at 1:30 pm on Tuesday in room Portland 256.

Then on Wednesday Justin will lead a session on how he built our mobile, offline mapping stack using open tools and open data. He’ll walk through the process for taking open data sources, turning them into beautiful custom maps, using them on mobile in an offline-capable way, and doing it all with entirely open source code. This session - Building a mobile, offline mapping stack using open tools & data - will take place at 5:00 pm on Wednesday in room F150.

Dane and Justin will be at the conference throughout the week. If you want to talk mapping, MapBox, node.js, iOS development, and anything else with them, look for them or hit them up on Twitter at @springmeyer and @incanus77.