OpenStreetMap, the free and editable map of the whole world is celebrating its 12th year with 2.94 million enthusiastic community mappers around the world. The map has been constructed with around 3.48 billion nodes, 363 million ways and 4.4 million relations and these number counts are rising day by day with an enormous inclusion of data every instance. The OpenStreetMap community grows with an impressive 10% every month which unleashes endless possibilities to build the best map of the world.

Mapbox is continuously contributing high-quality data to OpenStreetMap, and we are currently working closely with the community on navigational mapping projects. Along with improving data on OpenStreetMap, we also validate data on OpenStreetMap regularly to check for invalid edits and to keep OpenStreetMap free from vandalism.

The highly responsive and charitable Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) coordinates crisis mapping for natural and humanitarian disasters across the world relying completely on OpenStreetMap. HOT is on a mission to map the missing/unmapped regions of the world and has supported 44 crisis situations to date. The Mapbox Humanitarian team is an engaged member of HOT and offers its tools for free to response teams.

OpenStreetMap is a huge open geospatial data pool which is updated every day, is accessible for free and used as a basis for many studies and research projects.

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